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US department of homeland security

Protecting the homeland and securing the future with federal solutions that deliver measurable results


Nothing is more important than securing the nation—the fundamental mission of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Accenture Federal Services works with DHS in its external mission to protect the people, infrastructure and key assets of the United States from terrorist threats. We also assist with its internal quest to improve operations, meeting mission goals more efficiently and cost effectively. We bring a relentless focus on outcomes, innovative insights and federal, commercial and global experiences. All of this can provide proven solutions to secure the homeland.

We are committed to helping DHS achieve high performance and measurable results for mission-specific as well as mission-support goals. Solutions include developing prevention tactics, streamlining intelligence gathering and maximizing new technologies.

Accenture Federal Services has broad industry knowledge and proven experience helping organizations modernize and consolidate systems and measurably improve organization performance. That means successful results for DHS and, ultimately, a strong foundation for helping protect the safety of Americans and preserve our way of life.

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Why Accenture

With 4,000 dedicated US employees, Accenture Federal Services is helping DHS to shatter the status quo, achieve profound efficiencies and relentlessly deliver results. Bringing decades of experience, we are a different kind of guide to federal agencies, because we:

Bring proven assets. We have developed specific assets that are tested, easily and quickly implemented for results and span the top needs facing public safety clients.

  • Contain resources. Leveraging our independence as a large global IT consultancy, we support DHS and its project and program success with transparent and repeatable budget and schedule rigor.

  • Look to the future. With an ability to frame our clients’ visions for tomorrow with the right mix of pragmatism and innovation, we deliver future-proof solutions.

  • Share in the risk. We are committed to our clients’ goals and confident in our competence—that’s why we offer performance based federal contracting so clients pay for results, not hours.

  • Focus on business outcomes. Whether it's delivering cost savings, productivity or auditability, delivery excellence—on-time, on-budget delivery—is inherent to our DNA.

  • Change the game with innovation. We have a vision of public services of the future and apply ideas that account for the future of globalization, technology, citizens and resources.

Specific Services

Accenture Federal Service’s unique combination of strategic insight and unmatched execution capabilities translates to fast, proven solutions, which include the following:

Agile systems development. We were an early Agile adopter and bring lessons learned to each client engagement allowing us to tailor the classic SDLC to a framework resulting in more iterations in short timeframes with higher quality. We offer our Accenture Agile University and the Agile Certification Program to our employees and clients.

Financials as a service (and traditional ERP). We offer a cloud-based financial solution for full government accounting service, which is an extension of our industry leading capabilities and world-class delivery of financial systems.

Big data and analytics. As a global services firm, we make sense of large data sets, including those useful to DHS in insurance, HUMINT, SIGINT, health, financial, logistics, biological and more. Accenture Federal Services helps DHS facilitate increased cooperation among public safety agencies in the United States and around the world.

Identity management and credentialing. Collaborating with US-VISIT in developing the largest biometric system in the world, we are leveraging this know-how to evolve the next generation of identity management credentialing systems across DHS.

Investigative case management. We offer a full suite of law enforcement solutions to help DHS improve investigative effectiveness and efficiency at the individual agent level, across the department and in collaboration across jurisdictions.

Supply chain management. A recognized supply chain leader, Accenture Federal Services offers DHS end-to-end supply chain solutions to increase flexibility in mission response at lower cost.

Cloud computing. We help clients assess cloud computing options on a cost/benefit basis—from assessing workplace technology and collaboration applications, ERP and CRM applications to transforming IT infrastructure as a cloud service.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA). Accenture is recognized by Gartner and Forrester as a leader in helping clients architect and build SOA applications and has more than 3,000 skilled SOA architects and more than 41,000 people trained in building SOA applications.

Commerce and trade. With pragmatic, real-world solutions, we are helping DHS improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems that enable free trade while protecting our nation at every port of entry.

Preparedness and response. We offer solutions to help DHS achieve the highest state of readiness, resilience and flexibility to respond to an infinite range of potentially devastating events.

Travel security. Accenture Federal Services is helping DHS enhance security while facilitating the cross-border travel essential to international commerce and a free society.

Immigration. Through efficient management, evaluation and processing of legal immigrants, DHS is improving national security, economic competitiveness and preservation of the American social fabric.

Finance and performance management. We deliver transparent, user-friendly solutions for monitoring, assessing, analyzing and modifying finance operations, performance management and risk management as necessary to maximize value and minimize risk.

Human capital. Holistic human resource strategies are helping DHS drive high performance by placing the right people in the right roles and ensuring a collaborative, innovative and talent-powered environment across all levels of the organization.

Process and innovation performance. Accenture Federal Services offers a collaborative, end-to-end, process-based approach to rapidly enhance DHS’ ability to innovate, address key challenges and continually improve operational outcomes.

Strategic fiscal management. We help organizations such as DHS to adopt a proactive, strategic approach to cost reduction through structural change despite decreasing budgets and increasing demand for services.

Sustainability. Accenture Federal Services offers solutions to help federal organizations commit to sustainability, which ultimately benefits society, the environment and the economy.