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Upstream Production Operations by Accenture and SAP

Upstream Production Operations by Accenture and SAP provides upstream oil and gas operators with insights to maximize asset value.


Oil and gas companies face numerous challenges in upstream operations:

  • Missed production and revenue targets impacting enterprise value

  • Increased complexity in upstream production management

  • Growth in high well count for unconventional resources

  • Untapped value production potential in existing assets

  • Greater regulatory scrutiny of production reporting

  • A fragmented technology landscape preventing effective integration of process and data

Energy companies can now address these challenges and maximize their asset’s ROI with Upstream Production Operations by Accenture and SAP, a recently announced collaboration between Accenture and SAP to co-innovate a SAP-based end-to-end solution. The solution will deliver a single and integrated picture of production volume and revenue data that will help improve operating production management.

The program encompasses:


Why Accenture

Accenture and SAP have a successful history of collaboration across many industries spanning many decades. This new collaboration into upstream production operations extends the existing relationship between the two companies and expands their jointly developed portfolio of hydrocarbon accounting solutions.

Accenture brings:

  • Deep industry experience in oil and gas

  • Over 10 years of experience in deploying upstream operations solutions

  • A proven delivery model for system implementation

  • A highly-skilled, global workforce with flexibility in scale

  • BPO skills in three regions: Argentina, India and North America – Accenture is the only service provider who offers this

Accenture is also SAP’s exclusive provider of Upstream Production Operations training.

SAP brings:

  • Leading enterprise software, including SAP HANA® platform and SAP’s Upstream Operations Management

  • Development and innovation experts to build upon proven solutions and apply technology innovation

Specific Services

Upstream Production Operations by Accenture and SAP offers:

Upstream Operations Management (UOM)
SAP UOM is an existing software solution that supports key hydrocarbon accounting processes in upstream oil and gas operations. Accenture and SAP are now working together to extend UOM with additional capabilities on a single platform that will enable operators to deploy solutions that forecast and track production volumes from the wellhead to the sales meter.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Hydrocarbon Accounting
BPO services address the growth in administrative tasks resulting from both conventional and unconventional production. Back-office professionals are continuously trained to efficiently and accurately complete transactions to add business value, and are located in:

  • India

  • Argentina

  • North America

Upstream operators can scale up or down on BPO staffing as back-office volume dictates.

Upstream Production Operations Training by Accenture
Accenture is developing a unique offering to address the hydrocarbon accounting learning needs of our clients, SAP and Accenture employees. We offer online, classroom and customizable upstream production operations training for SAP in:

  • Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)

  • Production Revenue Accounting (PRA)

  • Upstream Production Operations (UOM)

Learn more about Upstream Production Operations by Accenture or sign up for one of our upcoming sessions!