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US Federal Public Safety

Delivering public safety solutions and services to help agencies protect the safety of Americans and our allies


The stakes have never been higher for public safety agencies. That’s why our public safety clients trust Accenture Federal Services to deliver public safety solutions to help protect the safety of Americans and our allies, here and around the world. With a relentless focus on outcomes, innovative insights and federal, commercial and global experiences, we help our clients deliver their missions—securing the homeland, protecting citizens, empowering law enforcement and safeguarding our future.

We are helping agencies secure the homeland by connecting people, information and agencies—enforcing laws while facilitating secure travel and trade. Our work with federal public safety agencies also centers on protecting citizens—whether through innovative programs to mitigate natural disasters or supporting those who serve in US embassies abroad. We also empower law enforcement with the skills, information and tools they need. And each day, we help our public safety clients proactively manage changing resource and infrastructure needs.

Our work in the federal public safety environment includes relationships with the following:

Why Accenture

With 4,000 dedicated US employees, Accenture Federal Services is helping federal agencies to shatter the status quo, achieve profound efficiencies and relentlessly deliver results. Bringing decades of experience, we are a different kind of guide to public safety agencies, because we:

  • Go global and act local. We provide the right mix of on-the-ground experience and insights from our global public safety practice, which includes engagements in Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

  • Big proven assets. We have developed specific assets that are proven, easily and quickly implemented for results and span the top needs facing public safety clients.

  • Look to the future. With an ability to frame our clients’ visions for tomorrow with the right mix of pragmatism and innovation, we deliver future-proof solutions.

  • Share in the risk. We are committed to our clients’ goals and confident in our competence—that’s why we offer performance based federal contracting so clients pay for results, not hours.

  • Focus on business outcomes. Whether it is delivering cost savings, productivity or auditability, delivery excellence—on-time, on-budget delivery—is inherent to our DNA.

  • Change the game with innovation. We have a vision of public services of the future and apply ideas that account for the future of globalization, technology, citizens and resources.

Specific Services

Accenture Federal Service’s management consulting, technology and managed services span the full range of public safety needs—from streamlining everyday processes to driving game-changing transformation. In addition, specific services and proven assets developed for federal public safety agencies include the following:

Border and Identity Management

  • Accenture Automated Border Clearance
    Accenture Federal Services believes the combination of multi-modal biometrics and integrated automated technologies presents a sizeable opportunity for air, land and seaports.

  • Accenture Border Clearance Showcase
    This live facility in Brussels combines state-of-the-art border gate, immigration and visa desks and illustrates how border control authorities can handle even the most complex traveler scenario in a faster, more secure manner—and at lower cost.

  • Accenture Smart Identity Solution (ASIS) 
    ASIS provides agencies with strong, integrated, enterprise-wide identity-management capabilities while mitigating the costs, time frames and risks associated with large scale, strategic software implementations. The solution is highly configurable and will support key public sector identity-management implementations including national and governmental ID programs; border management and immigration services; health and welfare programs; and criminal justice programs.

  • Integrated Intelligence Environment
    Our integrated intelligence environment solution is a set of tools that enables collaboration between intelligence analysts and operational officers to help identify real threats earlier.

  • Large Scale Matching Solution
    This solution enables the timely and accurate identification of individuals while reducing the costs of identity assurance. It is able to de-duplicate all available identity data including biographic and, if available, biometric data. It is highly secure, flexible, built on proven, open standards, and scalable when deployed to a cloud platform.

  • Resource Optimization Model
    Our innovative solutions include developing a resource-modeling tool that allows executives to make informed resource investment decisions based on analysis of management and operational data.

  • Accenture Identity Management Solution
    Public safety begins and ends with the individual; whether that’s correctly identifying a known or potential criminal or terrorist, uncovering an identity fraud or, conversely, confirming the innocence or the right of a person to go about their legitimate business.

  • Accenture Travel Security Services
    Uses multimodal biometrics, e-passports, two-dimensional barcode boarding passes, mobile devices and other emerging technologies to enhance security and facilitation for air travelers.

Public Safety

  • Accenture Cyber Security Assets
    We advocate a proactive approach to the pressing challenge of securing the IT infrastructure, the vital processes it enables and the data it stores. Our cyber security solutions for public safety agencies include the Security Code Review Services, Federal Desktop Core Configuration Services, Trusted Application Delivery Services, the Accenture Cyber Security Solution & the Accenture Cyber Security Snapshot Services that assess cyber effectiveness using a targeted diagnostic.

  • Accenture Integrated Justice Solution
    The Accenture Integrated Justice Solution provides a framework designed to improve the effectiveness of the entire criminal justice enterprise by providing police, courts and supporting agencies with greater access to records and information on suspected or accused criminals across agencies and across jurisdictions.

  • Accenture Knowledge Discovery Capability for Law Enforcement
    The Accenture Knowledge Discovery Capability is the result of a collaborative project led by Accenture that aimed to integrate leading commercial off-the shelf applications. The solution helps law enforcement and intelligence communities discover, manage and share actionable information.

  • Accenture Police Center of Excellence
    The Accenture Police Center of Excellence is helping police forces fight crime by turning information into knowledge to deliver high performance.

  • Police Case Management
    Our police case management combines market-leading, commercial off-the-shelf solutions with case and intelligence management plus a comprehensive range of sophisticated investigative support tools in an integrated, modular infrastructure. It allows police organizations to implement a standardized set of enhanced information management and manipulation procedures and provide easier access to timely and accurate information.