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US federal civilian

Delivering federal solutions and services to help agencies improve the nation’s economic and social well-being


From delivering the mail and providing student financial aid to collecting revenue and strengthening agriculture, the work of US federal civilian agencies makes a vital difference in people’s lives. These agencies provide essential services to many—both citizens and businesses—and contribute directly to our flourishing nation.

Yet the stakes have never been higher for civilian agencies. Economic, political and technology trends and citizen expectations are remaking federal management and federal operations. In many ways, change is the only constant in this environment.

Spurred to act to deliver on their missions, forward-thinking agencies are getting ahead of change by revolutionizing the way they deliver against changing mandates and expectations. They understand that the status quo is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and they are boldly reimagining the work of government—from federal administration to federal health.

These civilian agencies look to Accenture Federal Services to help them realize this vision of next-generation government.

We help them better serve their customers, connecting people with quality services and information when and where they need them. Bringing cloud, analytics and other enabling technologies, we are working together to modernize and manage federal operations. Always ready for tomorrow, we are also bringing innovation, experience and commercial leading practices to help civilian agencies stand up and scale new capabilities to outpace change.

Our work in the federal civilian environment includes relationships with the following:

  • Federal healthcare organizations

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • U.S. Department of Commerce

  • U.S. Department of Education

  • U.S. Department of the Interior

  • U.S. Department of the Treasury

  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management

  • U.S. Postal Service

  • U.S. Social Security Administration

Learn more about the new normalandpublic service for the future.

Why Accenture

With 4,000 dedicated US employees, Accenture Federal Services is helping federal agencies to shatter the status quo, achieve profound efficiencies and relentlessly deliver results. This is how our clients achieve what matter most—powering the services that touch Americans, businesses and the nation. Bringing decades of experience, we are a different kind of guide to federal agencies, because we:

  • Understand the environment. We have worked with every Cabinet-level agency as well as 20 of the largest organizations in the federal government and understand federal business.

  • Look to the future. With an ability to frame our clients’ visions for tomorrow with the right mix of pragmatism and innovation, we deliver future-proof solutions. 

  • Share in the risk. We are committed to our clients’ goals and confident in our competence—that’s why we offer performance based federal contracting so clients pay for results, not hours.

  • Focus on business outcomes. Whether it is delivering cost savings, productivity or auditability, delivery excellence—on-time, on-budget delivery—is inherent to our DNA.

  • Change the game with innovation. We have a vision of public services of the future and apply ideas that account for the future of globalization, technology, citizens and resources.

  • Connect clients to global perspectives. Our global presence means we can tailor a ready stream of best-of-the-best knowledge that our competitors do not have in house.

  • Drive transformation at speed. With experience, resources and proven processes, we combine scale and speed to deliver transformational outcomes successfully in compressed timeframes.

Specific Services

Accenture Federal Service’s management consulting, technology and managed services span the full range of civilian agency needs—from streamlining everyday processes to driving game-changing transformation. These comprehensive services reflect our strong delivery culture, broad government experience and collaborative working style, and include the following:

Management Consulting Services

Change management
Customer relationship management
Enterprise performance management
Financial management
Strategy development and planning
Supply chain and inventory management
Process and performance management
Risk management
Human capital and human resources management

Technology Services

Cyber security
Data center consolidation
Enterprise solutions

Information management
Infrastructure solutions
IT strategy and transformation
Service-oriented architecture
Systems integration

Managed Services

Business processes
Application managed services
Infrastructure managed services
Federal human resources managed services
Software as a service managed services

Business Services

Accenture Intelligent Processing & Compliance Services
Accenture Enterprise Services for Government
Accenture Defense Services
Accenture Public Safety Services
Accenture Integrated Social Services 
Accenture Pension Transformation
Accenture Health Administration Services
Accenture Clinical Services
Accenture Health Management Services