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Empowering Public Employment Services Agencies to become digital enterprises

Creating vibrant and well-functioning labor markets that provide sustainable livelihoods for citizens


The labor market still faces significant headwinds, a mismatch between workforce capabilities and skills needed for the future, lack of sufficient investment in relevant training and digital technologies, and automation threatening routine, administrative tasks. To be fit for the future and able to meet the needs of today’s digital citizens and employers, public employment agencies must re-think their role and the way they engage with their clients. They will need to embrace digital and insight-driven solutions that transform processes and platforms, increasing operational effectiveness and agility.

Accenture collaborates with governments to connect all stakeholders of labor market ecosystem and support job activation, case management and lifelong learning processes that lead to sustainable livelihoods, improved quality of life and economic vitality. Together, we can create vibrant and high-performing labor markets that are efficient, transparent, flexible and mobile.

Why Accenture

Accenture helps public employment services transform to be digitally empowered organizations that deliver insight-driven, personalized, integrated and efficient services. By connecting the broader labor market ecosystem and the data within it, we help increase the flexibility, transparency and mobility of the labor market.

Our advanced analytics solutions give PES the tools to better forecast labor market trends and take an in-depth look into their operational performance so that they can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all interventions. Tailored interventions increase the likelihood of jobseekers being placed in sustainable jobs or take informed decisions on developing new skills. They also improve participation of older workers, youth and women and help with early detection of issues.

Accenture understands the value of lifelong learning and employment, so we equip PES agencies to deliver better learning opportunities and sustainable employment for citizens, thereby helping to create well-functioning markets and strong economies.

To deliver these capabilities, Accenture brings an unmatched combination of technology know-how, delivery expertise and industry experience.

Specific Services

  • Employment Strategy and Consulting Services
    • Digital strategy and new operating model
    • Customer experience design
    • Business process transformation
    • Workforce and organization transformation

  • Platform services and creating a labor market ecosystem
    • Virtual labor market platform
    • Accenture enterprise services for government
    • Enterprise resource planning solutions

  • Analytics and Insights Services
    • Customer and channel analytics
    • Fraud and compliance analytics
    • Benefits portfolio optimization
    • Workload and productivity analytics
    • Labor market analytics

  • Lifelong Learning Support Services
    • Accenture Skills Academy
    • Integrated learning platforms and solutions
    • Skills to Succeed programs

Meet the Team

Rainer Binder

Rainer Binder is a managing director and the global employment and social services industry lead in Accenture Health & Public Service. He has spent more than 15 years in various delivery and sales roles in the labor and social services industry. Rainer is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Rainer Binder

Gaurav Gujral is the global management consulting and digital lead for employment and social services within Accenture Health & Public Service. Gaurav has over 12 years’ experience in public policy planning and administrative reforms, service transformation and innovation, digital government and designing new operating models. Gaurav is based in London, England.

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