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TARGET2-Securities Becomes Reality

TARGET2-Securities (T2S) is no longer a possibility—it is a reality. And it requires many in the financial sector in Europe to adapt


The complexity of T2S means change will not happen automatically. In addition to operational changes, institutions have to meet the criteria laid out by the Eurosystem and the Central Securities Depositories (CSD) to be able to settle transactions in Europe starting in 2015.


Accenture is helping financial services companies prepare for T2S. We have an international team of professionals with strategic, functional, technical and program management knowledge and capabilities around T2S and hands-on experience working on T2S projects for various CSDs, banks and custodians. We can help you adapt your business and address your technology to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of T2S.

Latest Thinking


We offer a broad range of services and support around T2S across the complete value chain enabling the readiness of your firm and your customers:

  • T2S impact assessment and DCP/ICP evaluation
  • New business process design
  • IT transformation and implementation
  • Testing and migration
  • ISO200022 connectivity and SWIFT adaptation
  • Program Management
  • Strategy and governance

We provide specific tools to support our client's projects, such as a tailored T2S solution framework for client specific adaptations and a T2S Test Simulator.

Details of our T2S client experience are available upon request.