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Accenture Video Solution: Complementary Video Services


AVS clients can benefit from a set of additional services that work in conjunction with the AVS platform.
This includes a range of assets and business services, as well as consultancy, all of which are part of Accenture Digital Video and complement AVS to help power rapid delivery and growth.


Bringing your user experience vision to life, for non-stop innovation
from screen to screen.

Our teams of user experience specialists can create interfaces that delight consumers and enable you to connect with your users in new ways—with personalized, analytics-based experiences and compelling graphical interfaces.

We provide different levels of customization, from ready-made packages to selective modifications using our open Software Development Kit (SDK), or a complete custom build.

For a fully customized user experience, you can utilize the world-class skills of Accenture’s Fjord designers to bring your ideas to life. Acquired by Accenture in 2013, Fjord specializes in creating powerful cross-device interfaces that help to maximize customer retention.


Turning innovative ideas into market realities faster with
specialized teams at our Digital Delivery Factory.

To support your business goals and rapidly deliver innovations that can help you to advance ahead of the curve, we have created a Digital Delivery Factory in Riga, Latvia.

The Digital Delivery Factory powers continuous delivery of digital video products, with teams that can build user interfaces and apps rapidly and efficiently.

We can configure our delivery framework to target your business needs and provide your organization with a bespoke blend of agility and costs, as well as onshore, nearshore or offshore teams.

Central to our framework are Agile methodologies, DevOps tooling and architecture-driven principles, for highly controllable results.


Unlocking the revenue potential of assets, content and user interactions with
Accenture Video Analytics.

Our video marketing and monetization services can help your business to transform into a data-driven, integrated digital video marketing and promotion organization.

AVS includes standard analytics capabilities that can boost ARPU, loyalty, share of voice—and reduce churn, maximizing the monetization of your assets, content and user interactions.

These tools can be extended with a set of advanced services—Accenture Video Analytics (AVA). By utilizing AVA with our custom framework, we can help you to establish an agile test-and-learn process that optimizes marketing, content and commercial propositions, and increases the effectiveness of your consumer interactions across all digital and traditional channels.


Supporting powerful video operations with global resources for predictable costs, quality and outcomes.

Accenture Digital Video Operations delivers best of breed technical and operational expertise for comprehensive video service management.

Our dedicated video personnel are available around the clock and equipped with purpose-built operational tools to deliver broadcasting-standard quality for broadband-based video services.

We can provide powerful automated monitoring and testing capabilities and a flexible content management system to help enable the highest quality of service.

Our video operations Command Center is fully available in the cloud and helps to guarantee flawless video platform operations and full service availability, providing a full spectrum of functionalities that include:

  • Intuitive visualizations

  • Correlation and automatic notification

  • Video operations as a service


Accelerating service testing and monitoring with powerful
automated tools that help to save time and money.

Our CPE Evolution tools analyze and automate service performance measurement, helping to improve Quality of Service.

Together with our StormTest® product suite, our services reduce the need for time-consuming and expensive manual testing.

StormTest® automated testing capabilities and end user quality monitoring can help you to deliver a consistent QoE by analyzing and automatically monitoring your service across development systems, live networks and consumer measurement points. Our service includes StormTest® Development Center, Decision Line and Warning Center.


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