Accenture Velocity Identity Platform

Unlock speed and flexibility. Get an unprecedented reduction in implementation time, plus the power and flexibility of identity and access management (IAM) … run securely and managed as-a-Service.


Get there faster: high velocity, scalable identity management

Traditional deployments of IAM systems can take years. Find out how Accenture does it in hours and offers a full spectrum of services, from implementation to management.



The Accenture Velocity Identity Platform is a unique set of IAM automation tools and pre-configured solutions that enable rapid deployments. These robust capabilities scale across nearly everything you have connected: employees, customers and the many endpoints that span the Internet of Things. Services include:

  • Governance: We help deliver performance, scalability, high availability and a right-sized environment on demand. We also provide monitoring services.

  • Identity Management: Includes identity and asset lifecycle management, provisioning, self-service registration, password management, reconciliation and workflow.

  • Access Management: Enables single sign-on, federation, adaptive authentication, entitlements management, authorization and multi-factor authentication.

  • Data management: Includes synchronization and replication of massive amounts to identity-related user data.


Built on the Accenture Cloud Platform and leveraging industry-leading vendors’ scalable technology, VIP provides deployment and testing automation across a wide-spanning spectrum of users and end points. The cloud-based platform can also be run as-a-Service. The service also includes:

  • A suite of IAM capabilities available on-demand.

  • Rich application blueprinting with automated provisioning and configuration.

  • A turnkey solution delivery model.

  • Enterprise level governance and compliance using hosted cloud management services, which eliminate the need for clients to deploy and maintain their own tools.

  • The use of DevOps, which emphasizes the collaboration of software developers and IT operators, while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.


"Our clients are rolling out different channels for their customer and so they need IAM capabilities in days or months, not a year. We are now able to spin-up a whole new infrastructure, install the software, install foundational-use cases and run some test scripts on it, generally all under an hour."

Managing Director, Digital Identity