Integrated border management

Accenture's vision of border management is an integrated approach that spans all agencies with border security, customs and immigration responsibilities.


By focusing on people, process and technology, we offer a holistic solution to delivering coordinated services while achieving security and compliance goals tailored to the unique challenges of each client agency.

We know that high performance in border management begins long before any border crossing. It must be intelligence-led, requiring a complete view of risks and opportunities, a knowledge-sharing culture and a strategy built on proactive decision making.

Accenture's vision for integrated border management has proved powerful in helping agencies address these challenges more efficiently—thereby achieving the dual goals of facilitating the movement of people and cargo across a country's borders and enhancing the security of citizens and visitors.

Why Accenture

Our holistic approach to border management is based on knowledge gained from extensive experience with agencies committed to improving immigration, border management and asylum case processing.

In addition, we view alliances as essential to our goal of creating an integrated approach and have developed relationships with market leaders and innovators in border management such as Daon and Microsoft, to create a team with the industry and technical acumen to deliver results to clients.