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Accenture's high performance postal industry process model

Accenture's research shows that fewer than one in 10 companies will outperform its industry peer group over a period of more than 10 years.


A critical and core characteristic of these industry winners is the customer-centric processes they deploy across their organizations, linking them and executing them better than their competition. This is becoming increasingly more important for postal organizations around the world. Increased complexity through new products, new channels and new segments, automation, deregulation and growing customer-centricity needs are only a few of the big challenges, now and in the future.

Posts are under pressure to address these challenges and engage in strategic change projects to stay competitive and deliver customer value.

In order to address the challenges, the next generation of high-performing posts will need to exhibit three core attributes critical for becoming or maintaining status as a high-performing business:

  • Competitive differentiation: A clear view of what makes them unique in the eyes of the customers—whether product, service, brand or business model.

  • Simplified operating model: Simplicity in all aspects of the organization, including modular products, standardized processes and systems; consolidation of common capabilities; identifying where scale is needed and how to achieve it.

  • Execution mastery: Prioritize execution as a core capability, managing the investments and risks of change programs and creating a culture to stick to the strategy operationally.

Accenture's deep industry experience has shown that developing the right operating model is a key step in translating the strategy into a high-performance organization. A transparent, simplified process architecture is a critical component; it drives the "noise" out of the business operating model. This noise manifests itself as inefficiencies and waste due to unnecessary complexity, exceptions and, ultimately, customer dissatisfaction.

The process clarity realized by high performers results in an empowered workforce that works smarter, improves decision making and raises job satisfaction. The improved productivity through process optimization has an immediate and positive impact on the customer experience and profitability through all channels.

Why Accenture

Accenture's High Performance Postal Industry Process Model is built upon our deep industry expertise and experience with posts and other related industries around the world. It enables Accenture to assist posts in addressing their unique challenges in a consistent way by:

  • Identifying economic value creation opportunities to sustain growth and profitability.

  • Improving process excellence and consistency.

  • Exploiting economies of scale.

  • Reducing delivery time.

  • Reducing systems complexity, allowing for maximum re-use across the organization and improved service reliability.

A key feature of the model is that it is modular and customizable as needed to address specific strategies and situations. How is this achieved? The process model is designed so that it quickly reveals hidden process overlaps or gaps within a client's business operations; exposes best practices buried in the organization; distinguishes between core and non-core process essentials; and presents process improvement opportunities. Organizations use these insights to identify and implement process improvements that when executed differently will increase efficiencies and therefore generate greater value. In addition, shared process improvements are candidates for blueprinting a services-oriented architecture (SOA), which reduces the constraints of legacy systems and organizational boundaries.

Specific Services

Accenture's High Performance Postal Industry Process Model is a comprehensive industry framework, developed using Accenture's industry and business process knowledge, our service offering expertise and our insight into existing and emerging technologies to identify methods to improve business performance.

Developed by seasoned practitioners and thought leaders from around the world, this unique asset:

  • Leverages experience from our proven delivery capabilities to create value for postal organizations around the world, representing our collective intellectual property for the postal Industry.

  • Provides a depth and breadth of process material that is unprecedented in the marketplace.

  • Reveals process excellence insights and opportunities.

  • Incorporates leading practices from the field on a continuous basis to extend and sustain its relevancy.

Using this framework, posts can achieve their desired levels of process mastery, carving weeks out of process development times and project lifecycles.