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Network operator boosts productivity and cuts costs with robotic process automation

Why robotic process automation (RPA)?

Costs down, productivity up

Across the course of 2015, Accenture helped a global telecommunications company save more than US$1.2M in annual operating costs by using a solution that included, among others, Automation Anywhere to automate nearly 60 business processes in areas such as marketing and sales, billing, service fulfilment and service assurance.

This increased productivity and freed up more than 72,000 man hours per year to improve customer experience.

72k productive hours freed in 2015

57 processes automated

$1.2M total savings in 2015

How did we do it?

Our process

Our integrated team of business excellence experts and 'tech masters' used our propriety methodology to identify 200+ opportunities across billing, marketing and sales, order intake services, and service assurance that could be automated to drive immediate cost savings while increasing network performance. Here is how they did it:

The team looked for opportunities to automate work efforts by copying data from multiple sources into a single source, and create dashboards.

The team applied automation to situations where decisions are made based on simple logic and by comparing information from two or more databases.

Automation tools were used to complete repetitive tasks such as downloading files, entering data and sending reminder emails at regular intervals.

Digital conversion tools converted data from scanned documents into a digital format; objective decisions could be automated and systems can be updated with new data quickly.

“Automation underpins the As-a-Service model, providing the agility and efficiency needed to transform business operations.”

Manish Sharma, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Operations


Value delivered

By combining lower level robotic process automation with optical character recognition and workforce automation tools, the right mix of technology delivered the right results on an accelerated timeline – including immediate service delivery cost savings that were passed to the client as part of our gain share arrangement.

After delivering value at speed and scale through automation, Accenture has been invited to be the company’s automation partner of choice. The client can now focus on new offerings to significantly improve customer satisfaction.