Office of personnel management training and management assistance (TMA)


Accenture is bidding on the U.S Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Training and Management Assistance (TMA) , a five (5) year indefinite delivery/indefinite quality (IDIQ) contract.

This contract is intended to provide OPM with access to a suite of qualified, pre-compted vendors who will provide innovative and cost-effective customized solutions that satisfy training, learning, and human capital requirements across the federal government.

Through the development and deployment of customized solutions, OPM Vendor Management Branch (VMB) will strive to accomplish the following objectives for its federal customer agencies.

  • Improve their abilities to accomplish their assigned critical missions;

  • Increase their organizational efficiency;

  • Improve their utilization of best industry practices;

  • Support future initiatives and innovations; and

  • Maximize their return on invetsment in training and human resource funding.

Accenture will draw upon its extensive Management Consulting experience, with 16, 000 management consultants globally. To learn more about Accenture's Management Consulting services, please visit:


The following are categories of training, learning and strategic human resources assistance that federal agencies will require in the next five years.

Customized Training and Learning Solutions:

  • Technical skills development

  • Leadership development

  • General skils development

  • Web-based instruction and job aids

  • Classroom-based training programs

  • Consulting and coaching

  • Mobile training and support solutions

Customized Human Capital Solutions:

  • Strategic alignment of HR with mission

  • Workforce planning & restructuring

  • Performance measurement & evaluation

  • Competency modeling

  • Individual and group assessment

  • Succession management

  • Recruitment marketing and branding

  • HR systems development & integration


Contract Number: TBD upon award

Period of Performance: Estimated: 3/2013 - 2/2018

Who is Elligible: All federal government department and agencies

Vehicle Type: Single-Agency IDIQ Award

Award Type: Multi-award

Contracting Agency: OPM

Accenture Role: Prime

Subcontractors: Issued under individual task orders

Government User Fee: TBD upon award

Task Order Types: Firm Fixed Price (FFP)


Breck T. Marshall

Project Point of Contact:

+1 (703) 947-3149

Mail to Breck T. Marshall. This opens a new window.

Mimi Y. Yeh

Alternate Point of Contact:

+1 (571) 414-5392

Mail to Mimi Y. Yeh. This opens a new window.

Melanie B. Zalewsky

Alternate Point of Contact:

+1 (571) 414-5250

Mail to Melanie B. Zalewsky. This opens a new window.

Jacqueline Dennis

Administrative Point of Contact:

+1 (571) 414-4827

Mail to Jacqueline Dennis. This opens a new window.


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