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National Security Solutions

Read how Accenture Federal Services delivers national security solutions that help federal agencies operate more efficiently.


Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is essential for national security in a demanding and rapidly changing environment. The end goal of national security solutions must be to enable the collection, analysis and sharing of actionable information with agencies and allies that need it to identify and act against threats in real time.

Federal agencies that are responsible for national security work in a dynamic environment where urgent challenges range from fighting the war on terror to securing and sharing vital knowledge and serving multiple customers quickly. This enterprise includes an extended group of stakeholders—from the commander in chief to the warfighter. Considering this network of critical dependencies, effective collaboration is imperative.

Based on our experience in this high-stakes environment, Accenture Federal Services understands the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration. We deliver low-risk, federal solutions powered by leading technologies that help agencies collaborate, streamline information management and operate more efficiently.

Why Accenture

With 4,000 dedicated US employees, Accenture Federal Services offers national security solutions that can shatter the status quo, achieve profound efficiencies and relentlessly deliver results. We are a different kind of guide because we:

  • Bring unique experience. We combine an abundance of experience working with national security and defense community clients, along with broad federal government and commercial insights.

  • Focus on process and performance improvement. We take an end-to-end, process-based approach to solve key business challenges. We work with clients to rapidly enhance the internal capabilities they need to improve operational and innovation performance.

  • Offer the right technology choices. Accenture Federal Services is not tied to proprietary technologies. Drawing on relationships with best-in-class technology providers, we use commercial off-the-shelf technologies to rapidly deliver lower-risk solutions, often reducing implementation time from years to months.

  • Fuel innovation. Our investment in research and development, as well as numerous accolades from analysts, reflect our pragmatic approach to connecting technology advances with mission and business objectives.

  • Share in the risk. We are committed to our clients’ goals and confident in our competence—that’s why we offer performance-based federal contracting so clients pay for results, not hours.

  • Focus on business outcomes. Whether it is delivering cost savings, productivity or auditability, delivery excellence—on-time, on-budget delivery—is inherent to our DNA.

  • Drive transformation at speed. With experience, resources and proven processes, we combine scale and speed to quickly deliver successful transformational outcomes.

Specific Services

Based on proven practices and leading technologies, our open and collaborative national security solutions are tailored to meet today’s most pressing demands, helping agencies to:

  • Deliver actionable insight in a changing environment.
  • Remove intra- and interagency information silos.
  • Encourage stakeholder cooperation.
  • Foster interoperability and operational excellence.
  • Enhance responsiveness and speed to market.
  • Help reduce research, cycle and response time.
  • Operate in real time in geographically dispersed and virtual environments.
  • Reconnect with customers while delivering cost efficiencies.

We bring US national security organizations comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Secure cloud services and IT rationalization
  • Big Data
  • Strategic cost management
  • Enterprise management services