Mobility Solutions for Products

Read more about the mobility services Accenture offers to companies in the retail, automotive, hospitality, consumer goods, and life sciences industries.


For industries such as Retail, Automotive, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, and Life Sciences, our mobility solutions help companies connect with consumers and transform operating models. The customer experience can be enhanced with new mobile technologies available through connected products such as connected vehicles, homes and fitting rooms, as well as mobile payments, ticketing and loyalty programs. Our solutions also address key industry challenges such as asset management and sales/field force enablement.

Why Accenture

Accenture Mobility empowers clients to envision and achieve benefits from enterprise mobility that drive real outcomes, solutions and results in business performance.

Our core strengths combine deep technology capabilities with our industry-specific knowledge of today's challenges, opportunities and value levers. Our rich ecosystem of mobility partners enables us to provide independent advice on the best possible mobility solutions for our clients together with a range of technology-specific tools and enablers.

We deliver consistent and predictable service through a highly industrialized portfolio of assets, world-class processes and infrastructure with the flexibility required to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

Our approach is one of partnership with our clients and we commit to achieve tangible business outcomes.

The Connected Vehicle: Viewing the Road Ahead

The automobile is fast evolving into a new mobile device, merging with the digital world into an all-encompassing communications environment.

This paper examines the key trends affecting the connected vehicle, the role of the consumer in deciding these technologies and the likely role that third party technology leaders may play in determining in-vehicle technologies.

Specific Services

Accenture Mobility offers a number of industry solutions, including the following:

Connected Vehicle
Our connected vehicle managed service platform enables drivers and passengers to connect to their preferred social networks or internet content providers through the integration of smartphones with vehicle head units, embedded modem and the new concept of tablet-in-the-car for a fresh and upgradable user interface and set of applications. Our platform supports the connected vehicle ecosystem and a wide array of telematics and analytics services.

Connected Retail
Our connected fitting room solution combines digital, cloud and analytics capabilities to transform the retail fitting room experience by integrating modern day technology into an otherwise technology-free part of the shopping experience. This solution also delivers deep insights into customer preferences and staff responsiveness that store managers can use to make better merchandising and staffing decisions.