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Merger Integration

Streamlining the path to generating post-deal business value

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While choosing the right acquisition targets and quickly identifying sources of value is critical, effectively integrating these acquisitions into the enterprise may be the single most important M&A success factor. It’s what ultimately determines whether a company generates the value on which the deal was based.

Over the past few decades, we have supported clients on a wide variety of deals—including some of the most complex cross-border and industry-shaping mergers ever completed. This experience has taught us that to create value from M&A, companies must rigorously focus on the decisions and activities that underpin value creation and avoid being distracted by the nice-to-haves. Our guiding principle is to help clients deliver value faster and with greater certainty. To do that, our experienced teams employ a rigorous process, honed on hundreds of engagements; employ dedicated and highly skilled merger integration practitioners who have advised clients on a large number of engagements across industries and geographies; and support them with re-usable tools and assets that minimize risk and accelerate value capture.

Key merger integration tools we employ:

  • The Intelligent Clean Room, which leverages digital tools to take clean room analysis to the next level

  • Our patented Merger Integration Playbooks, which guide the integration process

  • Detailed industry and function toolkits and checklists