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Marketing BPO

Our marketing BPO services utilize technology to deliver a seamless and relevant customer experience with insights, predictive tools, social media and mobility.


Our Marketing BPO offering is a leader in next generation BPO. Unlike traditional marketing techniques and agencies, we deliver results in the face of several, key emerging challenges—including understanding how to:

  • Build trust with a customer base that is increasingly well-informed and savvier about its purchasing decisions.

  • Deliver new ways to reduce costs and drive revenue growth as digital channels proliferate. These channels, including social media, require new approaches, tools and skills.

  • Transform the marketing function to create end-to-end processes that are both flexible and have global reach—given ongoing budget restrictions.

  • Gain insight into customer behavior to better prioritize marketing spend and enhance return on investment.

We have the ability to help chief marketing officers find new ways to achieve their most urgent goals:

  • Drive profitable growth

  • Increase revenues organically

  • Enhance operational efficiencies

We are leading the development of a new generation of BPO, delivering tangible business outcomes that help our clients grow profitably and drive high performance.

Specific Services

We provide a full suite of marketing services that meet the needs of our clients.

  • Digital, Customer and Marketing Analytics—We determine marketing return on investment (ROI), create marketing segmentation and determine customers’ likelihood to respond to marketing strategies.

  • Content—We manage content and undertake its digital production and development, ensuring it shows up on the right Web page or mobile app site at the right time.

  • Campaigns—We deliver direct marketing capabilities for outbound communications to customers and prospects across digital channels, including e-mail and mobile.

  • Experience—Spanning social media and search engine marketing, we curate content and monitor social channels and sites at scale and in multiple languages.

  • Media Management—A suite of media solutions to optimize media performance, reporting and decision support.

We have helped clients achieve the following results by improving their marketing performance:

  • Reduce high-value customer churn by 12 percent and increase revenue by $120 million.

  • Decrease the time required for campaign design and analysis by 25 percent.

  • Triple sales and cut costs in half in three years.

  • Double response rates through better target segmentation.

  • Reduce costs by 40 percent through outsourcing.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we focus on helping our clients acquire and retain customers, drive new customer insights and reduce marketing spend.


Marketing BPO

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