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Read how Accenture offers a wide range of solutions, toolsets and methodologies that have been proven to improve claims performance.


Insurers aiming for high performance in their claims operations will need to adopt a new vision of claims — a digitalized, data-driven function that seeks to reduce claims expenses, better identify fraudulent activity and provide a more personalized, customer-centric experience.

Accenture provides a range of claims software solutions, toolsets and methodologies that are used by 65,000+ claims professionals worldwide. Accenture Duck Creek Claims is one of the most advanced and highly rated claims platforms on the market. When combined with our deep understanding of the insurance marketplace, industry-leading management consulting expertise, advanced analytics and other technology tools, it allows us to help insurers transform their claims operations and deliver predictable outcomes with measurable results.

Clients who implement an Accenture claims solution can achieve:

  • Up to 15 percent reduction in settlement costs

  • 20-30 percent reduced unit cost for each claim

  • Dramatically improved service to customers

  • Redefined roles of the claims professional with a sharper focus on outcomes

  • An improvement in the estimated 20 percent of fraudulent claims that are detected

  • Lower IT costs

Why Accenture

The claims assets that Accenture brings to insurers have been honed through years of proven industry and solution implementation experience. 

Coupled with powerful new advanced analytics, the Accenture claims platform can be used to streamline the claims settlement process, identify fraudulent activity and optimize staffing and resources.

Migration to the new platform can be facilitated by the Accenture Insurance Data Migration Factory. This unique facility has been responsible for the accurate and timely migration of more than 60 million insurance records, ensuring that insurers can focus on their top line results while experts manage the complex migration of customer and claim data.

Accenture offers a flexible approach to deal structures and our willingness to share risk helps ensure successful and measureable outcomes.

Specific Services

Accenture provides a full spectrum of offerings “from idea through execution” that enable insurers to achieve rapid and sustainable performance improvements in claims.

Given the range of offerings, our clients have a high degree of flexibility in how they can work with Accenture. This ranges from a short analytical effort in a specific function to a longer-term business process outsourcing arrangement where Accenture processes claims-related transactions on your behalf. The services include the following:

Strategy and management consulting

  • Claims transformation business case and roadmap development

  • Claims strategic planning

Process enhancement and organizational design

  • Lean Six Sigma, process redesign

  • Activity-based costing, claims data analysis, and claims segmentation

  • Organization structure, job redesign, footprint analysis and migration planning

Custom build/technology

  • .NET/J2EE development of claims-specific functions

Accenture Duck Creek Claims

  • Accenture’s market leading end-to-end claims software solution

Managed services/application outsourcing

  • Hosted applications

  • Application development and maintenance outsourcing

Claims business process outsourcing

  • Accenture's Global Delivery Network provides support for FNOL, end-to-end adjudication, claims business processing, and specific functions (e.g. subrogation and actuarial analysis).

Accenture Learning

  • Curriculum development and delivery for claims professionals. High-performance insurers know the ability to develop and support their workforce is a critical differentiator for long-term success. We help you acquire and enhance that ability. We manage learning as a business by aligning business strategy to performance management and learning investments.