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Accenture innovation centers: Showcasing innovative solutions

Showcasing IT-enabled innovation and emerging technologies at Accenture Innovation Centers.

Accenture's Innovation Centers give clients an unparalleled opportunity to see for themselves how IT-enabled innovation can generate high performance.

The growing network of Accenture Innovation Centers is designed to fulfill several key goals for Accenture and its clients:

  • Accelerate the development and delivery of unique solutions such as the Accenture Rapid Revenue Solution or the Accenture SOA Reference Architecture.

  • Stimulate innovation by bringing together the best minds from Accenture and the relevant alliance organization as well as clients.

  • Give clients the opportunity to see and feel how a particular solution would impact on their existing business processes and technology.

Accenture has already launched innovation centers teaming with established market leaders including SAP, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and BEA. More such centers are planned, and constitute a key element in Accenture's drive to help clients unleash the power of SOA to achieve high performance.

Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP
Accenture Innovation Center for Oracle
Accenture Innovation Center for Sun Microsystems Solutions
Accenture and Avanade Solutions Showcase at Microsoft
Accenture Innovation Center for Open Source