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Higher education services

Achieve sustainable transformation and digital campus to deliver better outcomes for students.


Higher education institutions today are under immense pressure to manage escalating operating costs, eroding funding streams, competition from non-traditional educators entering the higher education space and mounting concerns about the value of the education dollar among students, parents, taxpayers and public officials. In response, institutions must develop new strategies to implement sustainable, structural change that will ease administrative costs while attracting target student populations, enhancing the quality of services provided, improving program efficiencies and optimizing opportunities for revenue generation.

Accenture has teamed with educational institutions around the world to design and deploy successful strategies and technology solutions that improve efficiency and performance. As a result, universities can redirect resources to support the academic and research mission.


Why Accenture

Accenture’s Education team of more than 200 people has worked with over 60 institutions across 28 states, serving K-12, higher education, oversight agencies and for-profit education providers.

From concept to creation, from aspiration to application, Accenture’s Higher Education professionals are ready to help. Our experience and intimate knowledge of industry challenges, combined with our alliances with leading-edge technology partners, allow us to rapidly deploy an unparalleled set of experienced, knowledgeable resources.

We understand the constraints within which education institutions have to operate, including serving diverse constituencies and incorporating input from faculty, administrators, state officials, students, alumni and other stakeholders. We apply the full breadth and depth of Accenture’s capabilities, experiences and approaches to help institutions improve operations and enhance delivery in new and unique ways.


Robert Friess

Robert Friess
Managing Director, Higher Education

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