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Outsourcing Services for the Health Provider Industry

Accenture can help health providers achieve new levels of business performance and lower costs through our transformational outsourcing capabilities. 


Health providers are discovering, as many industries have already learned, that thriving in a competitive marketplace means concentrating their talent and experience on what they do best, and offloading non-core services and administrative functions to vendors who can do them better, faster and economically.

Our solution combines our strengths in outsourcing with those of our consulting business. With our extensive transformation skills, our focus is on creating long-term business value. We establish customer relationships that generate business results by leveraging technology, improving processes and maximizing the human performance of a business segment.

Why Accenture

By combining Accenture's superior outsourcing capabilities with health care consulting insight we can help you transform your business operating model. This results in dramatic improvements in operational effectiveness, cash flow, and business performance. We call this transformational outsourcing.

For example, outsourcing revenue cycle processes is intended to improve cash flow and process effectiveness by introducing leading practices and eliminating activities that don't add value. In processing accounts receivable, outsourcing can help to collect receivables sooner and reduce write-offs of bad debt. By standardizing workflow and data collection, Accenture can help reduce errors in claims processing and improve efficiencies throughout the revenue cycle. Improving the timeliness and accuracy of initial claims, and shortening the turnaround time of any denials that still occur can further enhance cash flow.

At Accenture, we focus relentlessly on measuring and managing service levels and—unlike many of our competitors—use our own management teams to stay the course. The result: a commitment to year-on-year improvements, not just one-off savings.

Specific Services

We offer several outsourcing models:

  • Design, Build and Run (DBR): This model focuses on a specific application and business area. We assist in implementing a specific application with emphasis on business process change, human performance and attainment of the business case for the initiative. Accenture then takes over maintenance, or the "running," of the application. Examples include hospital information system (HIS) applications, electronic health record (EHR) applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

  • Applications Management (AM): In this model, we run and maintain one or more applications for you. The system is licensed to you and may be physically located at your site, at an Accenture site, or a combination of these. This model may or may not include the transfer of employees.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Here, we take responsibility for managing and operating a business process.

The business processes may include revenue cycle, supply–chain and human resources.As is the case with applications management, this model may or may not include the transfer of employees, and the operating model may be on-site or include Accenture's global delivery model. Typically, our clients pay for this service based on improved and sustained performance targets.

  • Procurement Services: We can help you procure hardware and software from leading technology companies. We can use our global purchasing power to pass the savings on to you.

  • Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO): Here, Accenture takes responsibility for managing and operating all components of your IT organization and commits to providing IT services to you at an agreed-upon level of service. People are typically transferred, and assets and system licenses may or may not be transferred.

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