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Accenture forecasting and planning factory—Video

Watch our video on how the Accenture Forecasting and Planning Factory helps retailers improve demand forecasting accuracy and inventory planning.

Accenture Forecasting and Planning Factory helps retailers forecast demand and plan supply—a strategic advantage to reduce costs and improve fill rates.

Retailers are constantly being challenged to keep operating, inventory and obsolescence costs under control while meeting market demand.

Numerous factors such as macroeconomic instability, fickle customers, promotions, shrinking product lifecycles, diversified distribution channels and unpredictable weather are impacting retailers’ markets and operations.

To help our clients address these challenges, Accenture has developed a suite of methodologies, skills and assets that allow us to provide forecasting and planning as a service—Accenture Forecasting and Planning Factory.

Watch this video and learn about the seven principles the factory is built on to help retailers achieve the next level of operational maturity by improving forecasting and inventory planning activities.