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Federal analytics and big data

Harness information, reduce data complexity and drive new insights with federal data management solutions from Accenture Federal.


Improving data management is fundamental to improving the business of government. Yet for many federal agencies, this is often easier said than done. Today’s methods of managing, analyzing and sharing data are becoming increasingly ineffective in the face of the mountain of mission-critical data that agencies must address each day.

Getting ahead—and getting real and sustained value—from the unprecedented influx of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from countless sources is a significant challenge. The Obama administration’s $200 million big data initiative crystallizes the imperative for change among the federal community.

Clearly, the new reality of information management demands that agencies crack the code on it—and fast. Doing so will mean the right strategy and federal IT approaches, but it will also demand advanced federal analytics capabilities so agencies can extract meaning from data to drive better decision-making and performance.

Accenture Federal Services can help US federal agencies change the way they work when it comes to data management with strategies, tools, processes and analytics approaches to navigate the big data challenge.


Why Accenture

Accenture Federal Services is uniquely skilled to help federal agencies get full value from their mission-critical information so they can move ahead of the Big Data challenge.

Our approach is rooted in a strong understanding of the federal environment—we have worked with every Cabinet-level agency as well as 20 of the largest organizations in the federal government. To this we bring leading practices from the private sector, deep analytics capabilities and enabling technologies. It’s a best-of-both-worlds approach that addresses both mission-critical imperatives and pressing business concerns.

When selecting Accenture Federal Services, agencies can expect the following:

  • Cross-industry insight

  • Business-driven understanding

  • Comprehensive services

  • Skilled professionals

  • Alliances with leading vendors including Informatica, SAS, EMC and Teradata

  • New ideas and innovative solutions

  • Flexible engagement options

  • Delivery excellence

  • Relevant global perspectives

We are also committed to staying ahead of the latest thinking in federal analytics and information management.

Specific Services

US federal agencies have different needs when it comes to their data management challenges. Offering comprehensive services from strategy through implementation, Accenture Federal Services helps agencies manage the entire data life cycle—and work how they need us to.

Our fully integrated management consulting, technology and BPO analytic capabilities cover the full spectrum of our clients’ needs so agencies can make the most of their information to improve operations and service delivery in an age where Big Data is the new normal. Our services include:

  • Awareness

  • Proofs of concept

  • Pilots

  • Departmental strategyAgile business intelligence and analytics through Big Data.

  • Agency-wide adoption

To learn more about Accenture Federal Services, contact:

Chris Paladino

+1 571 414 4178

David Susanto

+1 571 414 2394