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Planning, budgeting and forecasting

Planning, budgeting and forecasting are vital processes for almost all organizations.


Understanding past performance and translating that insight into forward-looking targets to align business results with the corporate strategy is key to driving shareholder value. Leading organizations leverage driver-based planning models and shift from traditional annual budgeting cycles into a rolling forecast focused on managing the enterprise's performance.

Why Accenture

Based on research conducted with Cranfield University, Accenture has a differentiated perspective on the value of the planning process. Our methods, tools and deep skills allow us to work with companies to develop driver-based planning models, improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of critical planning, budgeting and forecasting activities.

Specific Services

Accenture's experts in planning, budgeting and forecasting can help your organization implement leading practices such as:

  • Rolling forecasts

  • Multiple scenario modeling

  • Driver-based planning models

  • Linking compensation to plan performance

  • Increased participation by operational owners

  • Greater accountability by end users for items under their control