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Digital Government

Read how Accenture Federal Services can help federal agencies meet citizen expectations, lower costs and improve services with federal solutions for digital government.


Meet Citizen Expectations, Lower Costs and Improve Services with Federal Solutions for Digital Government

Digital is everywhere—and there is no turning back. Web, social and mobile channels are remaking daily life for millions of people—from how they work to how they play. In the wake of this digital revolution, people have new expectations for how they interact with each other and with product and service providers. Digital has transformed people into empowered consumers who want seamless and secure multichannel experiences tuned expressly to their needs.

It’s no surprise then that the digital wave is transforming the work of the US federal government—disrupting the status quo of government service delivery and driving new opportunities and challenges that are dramatically changing how federal agencies must work. To truly serve citizens today, government must go where the people are—that’s online and on the go. In fact, the majority of people responding to the Accenture Digital Citizen Pulse Survey say they would use digital services if offered by government, especially for routine transactions. And over half want to conduct all their government business in the future.

Yet the rise of digital government is not solely a response to citizen demands. Budget-strapped agencies are facing enormous pressures to dramatically reduce costs.

The Budget Control Act of 2011 mandates almost $1 trillion in budget cuts over the next decade alone. Digital government provides opportunity here because digital saves money while improving services. It’s a win-win for agencies and for citizens. What’s more, the data-rich nature of digital government programs means that agencies can improve customer analytics, using secure data to monitor performance and continually improve customer service efficiency and effectiveness. Digital government can also help federal agencies attract and retain top employees who want the same digital interactions and collaboration tools in the workplace that they enjoy in their personal lives.

A longstanding aspiration of government service is the idea of “one government” or a “single door” to government service delivery that streamlines interactions, improves quality and lowers costs. Done right, digital government is poised to help make this aspiration a reality for forward-thinking federal agencies.

But are you ready? Do you have the right foundation in place? How can you sustain results? We can answer questions like these. Accenture Federal Services provides comprehensive digital government solutions to help the US federal government make the most of the digital revolution.

Why Accenture

Our digital government services are backed by a combination of experience and insight that makes us a unique and well-qualified resource for agencies across the federal community—from defense and public safety to civilian organizations.

Unlike some of our competitors, Accenture Federal Services does more than write about and think about digital government in theory. Instead, we are actively engaged in large-scale federal digital transformation initiatives. Our digital government clients include agencies with some of the largest and most complex websites in the federal government.

We have a track record of success at agencies like these because we bring ready assets that align commercial leading practices to the realities of the federal environment. Starting with digital analytics, we help our clients make data-driven decisions about the investments they should make in their digital channels. We help our clients design and deliver targeted digital customer experiences that are interactive, engaging and that create value for their constituents—both citizens and businesses.

In addition, our team of professionals brings both an extensive knowledge of the federal environment and necessary and in-demand skill sets including digital strategy and governance, web analytics, social media, mobility, web content management systems, search engine optimization, semantic search, and data management and web APIs.

Specific Services

Wherever your agency is on its digital government journey, Accenture Federal Services can help. We take a problem-solving approach from strategy through implementation, always considering technology issues in the context of business, mission and service delivery goals. Our holistic services include the following areas:

Digital Public Engagement
Connect and engage with citizens, businesses and other agencies via website modernization, social and mobile channels and improved search functionality and digital platforms.

  • Modernize your agency’s website.

  • Optimize the use of social media.

  • Use mobile to extend your presence.

  • Industrialize your digital platform.

  • Mine digital channels for new insights.

  • Enable next-generation site search.

Digital Citizen Service
Communicate and serve with secure, authenticated customer service options for individual stakeholders, meeting citizen expectations and decreasing service delivery costs with personal channels and self-service options.

  • Establish secure personal communications channels.

  • Help citizens and businesses serve themselves.

Digital Employee Collaboration
Use social networking and knowledge management tools to empower employees to collaborate and share within and across agencies.

  • Collaborate through social networking.

  • Mine and share knowledge through semantic technologies.

Digital Agency Collaboration
Drive “one government” programs, partnering and integrating like never before to create a single front door for stakeholders through inter-agency workflow.

  • Support “no wrong door” government customer service.

  • Drive inter-agency workflow and collaboration.