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SAP Cloud Solutions for Procurement and Finance & Accounting BPO

We’re expanding our SAP cloud solutions for procurement and finance and accounting BPO clients.


With SAP Ariba, we offer cloud-based solutions designed to transform delivery of procurement and finance and accounting (F&A) business services to our clients.

Through our global alliance with SAP Ariba, we aim to redefine business process outsourcing (BPO) by helping clients boost process efficiency and reap related cost savings.

The Ariba Network, used by more than 2 million companies to conduct transactions totaling more than $2.5 billion a year, enables clients to drive a touchless global invoicing process that reduces operating costs, supports complex compliance requirements and improves collaboration.

As a result, clients can drive more efficient enterprise-wide commerce, while at the same time optimizing working capital.

This agreement represents an entirely new way that Accenture and SAP are teaming together to deliver innovative, industry-specific and technology-enabled operations solutions to clients.

Why Accenture & SAP Ariba?

We aim to help clients streamline procurement processes to improve their financial and business performance and increase competitiveness.

This is accomplished through insight generation, greater automation and speed, enhanced transparency and higher levels of control and quality.

By digitizing the interactions between companies, business networks are transforming how business is done in a global economy.

“Accenture will be able to deliver the next generation of BPO solutions with the Ariba Network and provide greater results for clients worldwide.” SAP.

Specific Services

We combine the industry-leading business process and technology expertise of Accenture Operations with SAP Ariba’s market-leading cloud solutions and the Ariba Network.

Among many benefits, clients have access to the expertise and service gained from Accenture’s acquisition of procurement solutions provider Procurian.

The first solution to be delivered is electronic invoicing capabilities via the Ariba Network, enabling clients to realize the value of the largest global business-to-business trading network.

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