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Advancing Operational Performance in Defense to Achieve More with Less

Helping defense organizations build high-performing and agile defense operating models.


Today’s defense organizations are fighting their own war on improvement. From digital disruption to technology innovation, or from budgetary constraints to a changing security landscape, fundamental shifts in how they operate are being imposed. Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline that helps defense organizations adapt and turn their strategies into high-performing operations.

Why Accenture

Accenture BPM services takes advantage of several decades of experience—both inside and outside of the defense industry— tried and tested methods and tools, and the talents of many skilled practitioners. Building on these foundations, Accenture BPM delivers operational transparency, agility, compliance, quality, efficiency, internal integration and external interoperability to help the armed forces manage today’s demanding environment and prepare for tomorrow’s world.

Specific Services

BPM integrates all capability design elements consistently. By linking information technology, people skills, performance targets, and other resources with the process-flow, effective operational capabilities can be established. By doing so, BPM proactively balances conflicting objectives, such as speed versus cost, and helps to overcome inherent contradictions.

Accenture BPM helps defense organizations create a high-performing operating model in three ways:

  • BPM value strategy: defining the value of BPM for the strategic agenda, overcoming classical process modelling conflicts and creating a value map

  • BPM process-led transformation: realizing value by creating process and operational efficiency, aligning technology, building high-performing operational and supporting defense capabilities and managing transformation

  • BPM life cycle: Establishing and running the process of process management within a defense organization