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Accenture Cyber Compliance for SWIFT CSP Accenture Cyber Compliance for SWIFT CSP

8 Things to Know

28 mm
financial messages per day digitally processed on average*
For Protection
SWIFT has introduced the Customer Security Program (CSP)
1st Deadline
is 31st December 2017 for submitting the self-attestations by SWIFT users
Submit Self-Attestation
From January 2018, SWIFT reserves the right to report users that have failed to submit a self-attestation to local supervisors
Catalogue Focused

Accenture’s Cyber Compliance for SWIFT addresses the SWIFT catalogue
questions by Accenture to become compliant
Listed Provider

in SWIFT’s official Cyber Security Services Provider Directory
In Addition
Accenture can leverage its broader network of experts in security and payments

SWIFT has now introduced the Customer Security Program (CSP) a dedicated programme to support their customers in reinforcing cyber security. SWIFT has developed and published a set of baseline security controls – 16 of which are mandatory – that financial institutions must apply to their SWIFT-related infrastructure. All SWIFT users must self-attest their level of compliance with the mandatory controls by the 31st December 2017, and repeat the process at least every 12 months thereafter.

* Report: SWIFT in Figures, June 2017

Accenture Cyber Compliance for SWIFT CSP Toolbox

CSP Questionnaire
CSP Measurement Catalogue
CSP Dashboard
CSP Reporting Tools
Compliance Grades for all CSP Areas
Implementation Recommendations
Cost Indications

Accenture’s new Cyber Compliance for SWIFT’s Customer Security Program (CSP) aims to help financial services firms across the globe to work on compliance with SWIFT´s CSP. The Accenture program uses classic assessment tools and sophisticated adversary simulations to identify vulnerabilities – and assess how they could be exploited – as well as how implement an effective response to those threats. Accenture is included in SWIFT’s official Cyber Security Services Provider Directory.

What are the offering modules of Accenture Cyber Compliance for SWIFT CSP?



Accenture Cyber Compliance Assessment
Accenture Cyber Compliance Assessment plus Evaluation and Consulting
Fusion X Adversary Attack Simulation
Compliance Gaps Implementation
SWIFT Compliance as a Service

Get to know the Team

The SWIFT CSP deadlines are approaching quickly. Accenture can help financial institutions comply with CSP while leveraging its technological and cybersecurity expertise and solutions to ensure an additional layer of protection for banks’ revenues and reputations.

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    Managing Director Financial Services
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    Manager Payments Services
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    Senior Manager Security
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