Crowdtesting: Anytime, anywhere, on any device

Accenture makes it easy to tap into the crowd for accelerated software releases and seamless customer experiences.

Alliance With Applause

Accenture has formed an alliance with Applause​, the leading global provider of in-the-wild digital testing, expanding the capabilities and geographic scope of our testing services.

The alliance provides organizations with access to crowdtesting services as part of their broader testing program.

The Applause community is the largest group of experienced quality assurance testers around the world. They complement Accenture's testing professionals to provide an unmatched scope of testing services and geographic coverage.


In one recent project, Accenture turned to Applause to help test mobile applications on devices across more than 30 countries, with over 50 percent of the countries staffed on an as-needed basis. This staffing flexibility helped the client achieve significant cost savings, in addition to dramatically improved application quality and speed to market. With effective project and work flow management and scheduling, the overall testing efforts were reduced by over 30 percent. Learn more about our alliance with Applause.


Tapping Into The Crowd

The number of devices, operating systems and applications available today keeps growing—making testing increasingly complex.

Enterprises can test their products and services—anytime, anywhere and on all major platforms, devices, configurations and localization aspects under real-world conditions. The crowd offers access to specialized skills, instant scalability for burst capacity and unmatched geographic coverage.

“By blending crowdsourcing of testing talent with other innovations such as automation and artificial intelligence, organizations are able to respond to the ever increasing complexity of technology while still speeding up deployments.”


Research VP at HfS Research


Accenture makes it easy to incorporate the crowd into your broader testing program for websites, mobile applications and Internet of Things products as well as any other digital applications.

We can help you effectively select the right crowd, train them for the application under test, validate bugs that the crowd identifies and take action to remediate issues—with a single point of contact for contracting and management.

By working with Accenture, you benefit from the value of crowdtesting, combined with our three decades of testing experience, deep industry, technology and digital capabilities and comprehensive testing services portfolio—from testing strategy and excellence to automation and quality engineering to digital and enterprise testing. ​

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