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Connected store: Delivering a > shopping experience

Read how Accenture’s connected store offering enables retailers to drive their growth strategy and win consumers by providing a cloud-based solution.


Retail is no longer about “where” but “how” the customer is shopping. Über-informed and empowered by digital technology, shoppers are choosing from a variety of channel alternatives to make their purchase decisions. Given this backdrop, how do retailers adapt and thrive?

Leading retailers know they must master critical capabilities to remain relevant to their consumers. As they move closer to these customers by opening stores in new countries, smaller formats or virtual formats, the challenge is to find store solutions that are nimble and cost effective—while simultaneously driving innovation and delivering shopping and service excellence.

Why Accenture

Accenture’s Connected Store global offering lets retailers drive their growth strategy and win consumers by providing a cloud-based, end-to-end solution that is flexible, scalable, cost-effective and fully integrated across all channels—from in-store and point-of-sale, to e-commerce and mobile.

Given the current economic environment in which retailers must squeeze every drop of return on investment, the offering leverages the cloud to reduce operating and capital costs, while simultaneously lowering deployment risk.

Specific Services

The Connected Store offering helps retailers translate customer insight into differentiated strategies. It helps retailers track recency and frequency to create value for loyal customers and to attract new customers. It also extends the shopping experience to store locations, eb and mobile devices with a wide range of services and products delivered across every channel.

The Connected Store offering is composed of different layers—from basic store needs to more advanced services and multichannel integration—supported by a range of back-end services, to deliver a whole new shopping experience.

Just as importantly, the Connected Store solution can help an organization remodel for future growth by integrating multiple channels and offering a platform to launch international operations. And by gleaning actionable insights into the changing preferences of customers today, high-performance retailers can provide a “greater than” shopping experience tomorrow.

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