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Cloud Application Migration

Let us help you transition to the cloud quickly, smoothly and securely.


  • Which applications should I move to the cloud?

  • If so, which type of cloud? Public? Private? Hybrid?

  • What path will achieve the right endgame?

  • How can I reduce pain and cost?

You're not alone. Learn how a global software company boosted their critical licensing application performance with a database framework using cloud capabilities. 

"Thirty percent of all applications will be migrated to the Public Cloud by 2018."

Source: Morgan Stanley 2016 CIO Survey


We offer a deep understanding of the possibilities that emerge when legacy systems and cloud solutions mesh. And, we have a clear vision of the digital future this hybrid world is leading us to. 

We combine those insights with our industry knowledge to drive innovation and transform complex environments into high-performance engines. 

We can help ease large-scale migrations by executing with industrialized tools and methods, including:

  • Intellectual property for cloud services

  • Managed services

  • DevOps acceleration

  • Cloud diagnostics and business case

In addition, we are the industry recognized integrator for the top three hyperscale providers: 

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Google


Whether the need is focused on a single application, a group of applications or an entire portfolio, Accenture has the delivery solutions capability to help you migrate and/or modernize applications to be cloud-ready, replace with SaaS/PaaS or build new cloud native applications.

Cloud Application Migration Planning and Assessment provides services for planning and analyzing legacy applications for migrating to the cloud.

Cloud Application Remediation and Modernization helps plan and execute application migrations, including remediation and re-platforming services, and rapid modernization of the application portfolio to unleash cloud value.

Application Re-engineering re-architects applications for the cloud, enabling services and Agile delivery with automation, powered by DevOps, containers and more.

Cloud Application Migration provides services to enable cloud-based application development and deployment using public, private, or hybrid cloud platforms as well as replacement of existing applications with a SaaS application.

Cloud Native Application Development includes custom-build, multi-tenant applications engineered for greater speed, consistency and reliability, using DevOps and microservices.