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A new vision for child welfare

How the Accenture Family Case Management System (AFCMS) reduces stress for human services caseworkers and drives better outcomes for children and their families.


Accenture research suggests that although Child Welfare Systems track a wealth of information about children and families, current implementations are often outdated. Caseworkers complain that they don’t provide timely, actionable information. And, as a result, outcomes for children remain unchanged.

The Accenture Family Case Management System (AFCMS) addresses these deficits by incorporating key functionality from proven Child Welfare Systems solutions and adding innovative upgrades for caseworker support. Relationship mapping, navigation improvements, planning tools, and a visualization tool that gives caseworkers an instant view of case dynamics all help drive improved outcomes.

The AFCMS also facilitates a collaborative approach, helping retain workers and reduce staff turnover. Access to summarized analytics makes daily workload management more efficient. Supervisors can track and monitor progress at all levels, and identify problem areas over time. Management visibility provides accountability to children and community partners. Automated interfaces for payment, eligibility and court systems strengthen integration across related programs.

Why Accenture

Accenture has a long history of innovative Child Welfare Systems implementations. We have built child welfare systems in Texas, New York, Wyoming, Nebraska and Georgia. We currently manage more active cases than any other vendor.

Our long-term commitment to improving child welfare software support led us to undertake the market research that resulted in the AFCMS. Our research team met with more than 40 caseworkers, social workers and supervisors in multiple states to understand what current solutions lack and what inhibits their use and optimization. Our investigations indicated that caseworkers want a management tool that’s easy to use, gives timely, accurate, actionable information, and provides feedback about their efforts. They also want to be able to collaborate in real time with supervisors and colleagues in order to provide the integrated human services children and their families need.

The AFCMS solution incorporates Child Welfare Systems solutions that have been successfully implemented in Texas and Georgia—the two states (along with New York)—where our child welfare systems are currently operational.

Specific Services

Our child welfare solution is unique in many ways. It is highly interoperable with other human services systems, and can leverage auxiliary third-party services and applications. It includes support for differential response protocols. It can also align flexibly with multiple practice models, thus speeding implementation and accelerating the realization of expectations.

In addition, as soon as they log on, each caseworker and supervisor has access to a customizable home screen, purpose-built for their needs. Caseworkers can see their calendar, a map of their cases and most important locations, a list of work, alerts and actions, and key analytics informing them of their progress. Supervisors have access to all this data, as well as status and analytics relevant to the unit for which they’re responsible.

The system also includes capabilities for intake, investigation, placement, foster care, eligibility determination, reunification, adoption, financial management, and resource management and reporting: in short, all that agency workers need to deliver better human services outcomes.

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