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Product stewardship in the chemicals industry

Read how Accenture can help organizations in the chemicals industry comprehensively address their key product stewardship challenges.


Accenture helps chemicals organizations address their key product stewardship challenges, including:

  • Managing local/regional/global compliance in a global operating context.

  • Providing expert knowledge in translating legal requirements into necessary process changes supported by adequate IT tools.

  • Structuring/streamlining supply chain communication for compliance data acquisition and sharing with suppliers, customers, competitors, industry associations and authorities.

Why Accenture
Accenture is uniquely positioned to help clients with product stewardship. We offer:

  • Extensive product stewardship and industry experience.
    Accenture has deep chemical industry experience, gained through decades of managing and executing large-scale, complex programs in all segments of the industry. In addition, we have built extensive product stewardship experience by working with a variety of global and local chemical companies on their product stewardship programs.

  • Network of skilled resources.
    Our team includes a core group of environment, health and safety (EH&S) professionals in Europe, a Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence in Spain and a Chemicals and Natural Resources Center of Excellence in India. Additionally, we have thousands of professionals around the world with chemicals industry experience

  • Capabilities to deliver a fully integrated solution.
    The breadth and depth of our capabilities—from management consulting, systems integration and information technology to outsourcing—means we can deliver a fully integrated solution.


Our Management Consulting group provides:

  • Road mapping your product stewardship business.

  • Assessing and improving the product stewardship processes which include SDS authoring for:

    • Composition management

    • Product life cycle management

    • Substance volume tracking

  • Transitioning from a product stewardship department to a product stewardship mindset.

Our technical team has experience in integrating various systems:

  • SAP REACH compliance

  • Substance volume tracking solutions

  • SAP EHS management

  • Rules and regulatory content information systems

  • Document management systems

  • REACH-specific IT tools (e.g., IUCLID5)

  • Product composition management systems

Accenture’s Chemicals and EH&S professionals have experience in:

  • SIEF consortia services

  • REACH dossier submission

  • SDS authoring

  • SAP EHS management software-as-a-service (SaaS)

  • Supply chain communication

The impact of product stewardship will vary from organization to organization, depending on size, region, product portfolio and status.