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Accenture CAS: Digital merchandising service

Accenture CAS Digital Merchandising offers companies a fast, reliable and cost efficient view of their products’ presence and placement at the point of sale.


Consumer goods companies are increasing their focus on in-store execution. Product presentation and positioning are key factors for winning the purchase at the point of sale. In order to increase sales and profit, companies are looking for ways to ensure high compliance to their standards for in-store product placement and appearance.

The Accenture CAS Digital Merchandising Service provides consumer goods companies with information about product, presence and placement to help improve sales through high quality product placement "on the shelf" and the correct application of trade marketing strategies and winning models.


As a core component of Accenture Software, an organization dedicated to developing differentiated software-based solutions, Accenture CAS is part of a portfolio of software businesses helping organizations achieve high performance.

The Accenture CAS Digital Merchandising Service delivers clear business benefits:

  • Improved Service-Level Monitoring: Data captured at the point of sale is more accurate as well as objective ensuring for better monitoring of in-store performance and service levels compliance.

  • Reduced Data Collection Time: Compared to classic manual data collection methods, the Accenture CAS Digital Merchandising Service is a simple process aided by an intuitive mobile application for collecting data at the point of sale.

  • Decreased Time Spent on Reporting Analysis: Information is presented in a clear and actionable fashion, allowing businesses to shape strategies and brand managers to implement them in the store.

  • Increase in Planogram Compliance and Shelf Share: As a result of the corrective actions performed by merchandisers at the point of sale, compliance to planograms designed by the sales/ business departments is ensured across stores monitored enabling a better usage of the space reserved to a particular brand or SKU.

  • Out of Stock Reduction and an Increase in SKU Availability: Along with planogram compliance, out of stock and SKU availability are directly affected by actions performed by merchandisers at the point of sale. Constant monitoring of the stores allows for an increase in the number of SKUs available on the shelves and conversely a reduction of the products in out of stock.

  • Merchandiser Self-Discipline: With continuous improvement and engagement in service activities, merchandisers participate in the implementation of business strategies performing corrective actions at the point of sale.


Accenture CAS includes:

  • Trade Promotion Management: Supporting closed loop promotion and account planning processes to gain visibility into trade investments, spending forecasts and customer profitability.
  • Trade Promotion Optimization: Using analytics to provide account managers with deeper insight into the net effect of promotional activities and predictive models to optimize future category plans.
  • Retail Execution: Improving sales performance by focusing field sales execution toward high value visits and activities.
  • Direct Store Delivery: Enabling manufacturers or consumer products organizations to manage sales orders, delivery, inventory and cash collection at a store level.
  • Service management: Support for field service and customer service to deliver an integrated customer experience.
  • Digital Merchandising Service: This is an innovative and new technique to monitor in-store quality and compliance enabled by mobility software, market analytics and Accenture’s unique proprietary algorithms.

Accenture NewsPage includes:

  • NewsPage Distributor Management: Helps you control promotions, improve productivity, streamline inventory and get accurate, reliable data on your secondary sales.
  • NewsPage Sales Force Automation: Designed specifically for emerging and developing markets. It supports all your sales channels, all delivery models, in all geographical locations–and it can link up with most legacy and back-office systems.
  • NewsPage Merchandising Solution: Enables merchandisers to execute and track their in-store metrics efficiently, thereby increasing their in-market time.

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