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Carve-out strategy/divesture services

Learn more about how Accenture can help companies develop divestiture strategies that drive high performance.


Mergers and acquisitions are not the only ways of generating new business value and enhancing competitive positioning.

Divesting selected assets also can be part of a strategy for high performance by helping enable companies to effectively tailor their portfolio of businesses and raise capital for acquisitions in markets and businesses that have greater strategic appeal.

Accenture helps companies develop effective divestiture strategies by working with them to comprehensively assess their corporate portfolios to identify opportunities for value creation. This entails four basic steps:

  • Aligning assets with the business’s best opportunities.

  • Developing a timing strategy for the separation and the divestiture transaction.

  • Understanding the boundaries of assets being considered for divestiture.

  • Packaging those assets for maximum value.

Once divestiture targets are defined, Accenture works with companies to effectively plan and execute the separation. The cornerstone of the Accenture approach is our divestiture framework, which enables companies to implement their divestiture strategies faster, with less risk and with a clearer focus on shareholder results.

Our framework includes a comprehensive methodology and assets that help companies plan, set-up and execute the separation or carve-out of business units from parent companies. It also includes proven divestiture transaction assets and capabilities that help companies prepare and execute divestitures.

Why Accenture

Accenture is uniquely qualified to help organizations optimize their portfolios in the pursuit of growth and, ultimately, high performance—for the following important reasons:

  • Experienced practitioners: We have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive functional expertise in planning and executing large-scale separation programs.

  • Proven methodology and proprietary assets: In addition to a comprehensive view on divestitures from strategic planning to operational execution, we have proprietary assets including Separation Playbook and Divestiture Transaction Playbook (best practices, lessons learned), field-tested tools and templates and thought leadership.

  • Deep multifunctional, cross-industry expertise: We have unmatched cross-industry expertise and deep knowledge of core business processes.

  • Global, integrated delivery capability: Our global footprint provides flexible sourcing and seamless support around the globe.

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