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Wealth Management

Delivering industry-leading solutions to help wealth managers prepare for the future of investing


No industry can escape digital's disruption, especially not wealth management. Today’s clients expect a whole new kind of experience that’s more informed, more personalized, more transparent; and they want it more quickly than ever before. Firms that rise to the digital challenge capitalize on industry insights, transform their businesses from front to back and strive for operational excellence—and many won’t go at it alone.

That’s where Accenture comes in. We leverage our deep industry experience and broad range of capabilities and synergies across our entire business to deliver end-to-end solutions for leading wealth management firms.

Kendra Thompson

Kendra Thompson

Wealth Management Lead
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In today's environment, wealth management firms need to improve their sales and distribution channels, create new and innovative products, and maximize operational effectiveness across technology platforms and back offices.In today's environment, wealth managers need to improve their sales and distribution channels, create innovative products and maximize operational effectiveness.



Digital for Wealth Management

Bringing wealth management into the digital age with automation, robotics and analytics


Advisory Productivity

Helping clients build dynamic new workforces empowered by digital to adapt, thrive on disruption and drive change

Wealth Operations

Wealth Operations

Optimizing wealth management processes that support the front, middle and back office

Private Banking

Private Banking

A breadth of advisory services unique to serving the Ultra High Net Worth investor segment, as well as banking services to traditional wealth management offerings

Technology & Platforms

Technology & Platforms

Modernization of technology platforms and architecture to drive cost reduction and enable digital transformation

Finance & Regulatory

Finance & Regulatory

Helping wealth managers survive and thrive in light of increasing regulations, including Accenture Wealth Management Compliance Solution for Salesforce


Watch this video to learn more about the latest developments in hybrid advice.