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Watch the video to learn more about Accenture Trading Platforms

A leading global provider of systems integration and technology consulting services, Accenture helps clients make the most of their trading platforms, improving efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership.

We provide implementation, integration, upgrade and support and maintenance services both on and off shore. Our acquisition of Formicary, a trading platforms system integrator in the United Kingdom and North America, has further strengthen our capabilities in helping clients transform their Murex, Calypso and Misys platforms.


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Working closely with our clients and partners over many years, we have identified a number of key areas where business efficiency can be greatly enhanced by improving the availability and flow of information across various systems. As a result, we have developed a suite of software solutions designed to better integrate disparate systems and add key elements of functionality—with the ultimate aim of saving businesses considerable amounts of time and money while ensuring high quality output.

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Reference to CalMon, Calypso tools and accelerators is for information purposes only and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation or favoring by Calypso Technology.

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