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Collateral management services

Accenture provides collateral management solutions for capital markets firms to help transform their collateral management architecture.


Effective collateral management starts with design, negotiation and set-up of new collateral legal agreements (CSAs), and continues with operations to collect and return cash and/or securities collateral, recall and substitute collateral, mark collateral to market, asset-service collateral and meet the demands to finance new types of products.

Accenture helps clients transform their collateral management architecture to take advantage of operational shifts by leveraging our services in:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – including asset servicing, research and analytics

  • Management Consulting – providing maturity and capability assessments, operating model and business process analysis and business requirements documentation

  • Technology Consulting – bringing together our capabilities in systems integration, technology consulting, alliances, application outsourcing and infrastructure outsourcing

Why Accenture

At Accenture, we believe that collateral management processing will benefit from a convergence of new operating requirements driven by cost drivers, regulation and next-wave technology capabilities. Services and information models will converge, enabling better cost management and capacity that expands or contracts along with business demand.

Our unique combination of skilled resources, global scale and deep industry knowledge enables us to help our clients achieve high performance with their collateral management programs.

Accenture has relationships with several collateral management solution providers, including Murex and Calypso that offer collateral management modules as part of their front to back office solution suites. Accenture also has alliances with niche providers, including Lombard Risk, which offers the market-leading stand-alone collateral management and clearing solution COLLINE®. Our relationships with these firms provide a foundation for effective collaboration and an avenue for delivering and implementing these proven products for our clients. More information is included below:

Download PDFLearn more and download the PDF: Murex Capabilities. [PDF 211KB]

Download PDFLearn more and download the PDF: Calypso Capabilities. [PDF 175KB]

Download PDFLearn more and download the PDF: Lombard Risk Capabilities. [PDF 647KB]

Read our Latest Thought Leadership

This report analyzes–amongst other topics–the inefficiencies which undermine the banking sector´s ability to optimize the value of collateral. As a result, the costs of internal fragmentation in the global collateral management market are estimated to be in the range of 4 billion Euros annually. External costs and potential savings are more difficult to estimate given that they are dependent upon future regulation, but our survey suggested that cost savings could well be considerable. Open this report to get a view on the current state of collateral management.

Accenture has assisted a large number of clients with a broad spectrum of collateral management projects over the past 15 years. Details are available upon request.

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