Achieving high performance with business process management for the energy industry—Video




In an uncertain environment, energy companies need to respond to developments more rapidly and more efficiently than ever before. High performers are transforming their businesses to meet this challenge.

Oil and gas companies are transforming their global portfolios to reflect changing demand patterns, manage stakeholder expectations, meet regulatory changes and adapt to demanding customers. What has been more difficult to transform is how they actually run their operations. Part of the problem is that many operations are mature, and changing business processes can be disruptive as well as costly and time consuming. As operating conditions become more uncertain, many companies are seeking to identify areas of their business where they can exert more control and where the changes they make will result in increased certainty. In this environment, the focus is increasingly on enabling best-in-class business process management (BPM).


Achieving high performance with business process management for the energy industryRead the report [PDF 909KB]

Why Accenture

While many companies can provide assistance with specific areas of BPM, Accenture’s combination of skills, approaches, assets and tools gives us an unrivaled ability to generate value quickly, deliver measurable results and create durable BPM solutions.

Specific Services

Accenture’s BPM offerings range from process strategy development through to services including BPM managed services and process performance monitoring:

  • BPM strategy

  • Process governance

  • Process modeling and repositories

  • BPM automation

  • BPM managed services

  • Process performance monitoring.

With a presence in all key energy geographies worldwide, we are on hand to serve our clients’ global needs, wherever they need us to be, bringing them Accenture’s leading global assets, experience and practices through our seamless network of Energy Hubs.