Utilities and BPO: Cost-effective solutions to navigate volatile markets

Power companies contend with many moving targets: customers, regulators, energy prices and so on. An effective outsourcing plan can help.


From generation to transmission to the customer, new technologies and innovations are reshaping the business of power. Utilities around the world are adapting, but still face several challenges, including:

  • Financial constraints—Economic uncertainties in the global markets combined with volatile commodity prices are putting pressure on margins and profitability.

  • Rising consumer expectations—Meeting consumer needs is a challenge for utilities not evolving quickly enough.

  • Environmental and regulatory pressure—The push toward a low-carbon economy is profoundly affecting how utilities operate, including the services they provide.

  • Lack of scale—The location-specific nature of utilities raises hurdles to achieving scale, leaving fewer resources for technology, service and customer satisfaction.

Today’s utilities face multiple challenges, including financial constraints, rising consumer expectations, volatile commodity prices and regulatory pressure.

Why Accenture

Our Utilities Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services delivers cost-effective solutions for front- and back-office functions.

With an emphasis on end-to-end solutions, we help utilities address immediate needs and position for high performance over the long term.

We provide an integrated combination of strategy, technology and operations services. Specifically created for the unique needs of the industry, Utilities BPO Services has over 5,000 employees in more than 10 countries across North America, Europe and Asia. We serve more than 40 regulated utilities and retail clients worldwide.

Utilities BPO Services creates value in several ways, including:

  • Delivering consistent, predictable customer service with highly standardized processes.

  • Improving operational performance with established operating models and IT/application support.

  • Focusing on improving key performance indicators, such as cost-to-serve and customer satisfaction.


Accenture Operations Capacity Solutions



Specific Services

Utilities can select individual or bundled complementary solutions, including:

  • Meter-to-cash BPO—Fully integrated retail and customer operations across the front and back office, including a contact center, billing and payments, debt collection and field service operations.

  • Capacity services BPO—Back-office exception processing on a flexible and interim basis, allowing clients to scale up and down and quickly adjust to staffing demands.

  • Operations support services BPO—Support functions that enable successful retail and/or customer operations, including management of quality and performance; learning and knowledge; reporting and service performance and workforce.

  • Customer application outsourcing—Implementing and operating customer information and billing systems, including break/fix and enhancements, as well as development of new applications.