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Supply Chain BPO

Maximize supply chain BPO using analytics, mobility and leading technology.


Longer supply chains mean more risk. Many leading companies are turning to trusted business process outsourcing (BPO) partners to help them make better decisions, identify weaknesses proactively and deliver more business benefits.

That’s where Accenture’s next-generation Supply Chain BPO comes in. We use sophisticated analytics, profound understanding of industry processes and innovative technology to go beyond cost savings. Our goal: help companies manage supply chain risk and build a better business.

HfS Research Report Highlights Accenture Leadership and Excellence in Supply Chain Management As-a-Service Capabilities.

"As business has globalized, so have supply chains. In fact, supply chain excellence has become a lever of high performance."

Achieving high performance

It’s how to run your supply chain better

"At the core we want to help operate their supply chains better. Operate areas like planning, procurement, direct procurement, transportation logistics, anything in after-market spare parts…"

Tushar Narsana
Supply Chain BPO offering lead


Supply Chain BPO Services
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Our Supply Chain BPO services offer the next-generation approach to delivering business benefits and driving high performance.

Accenture offers a comprehensive range of services across all dimensions of a company's supply chain, including:

  • Planning Services—spanning demand, supply and inventory planning, as well as forecasting analytics.

  • Source-to-Pay Services—including strategic sourcing of direct material, capital and fixed-asset purchases, and procure-to-pay operations.

  • Fulfilment Services—for order management, transportation and planning, and cost-to-serve analytics.

  • Service Management—including warranty management, returns and spare parts planning.

Accenture Supply Chain BPO services can also be seamlessly bundled with Accenture Procurement BPO services and application hosting to provide an end-to-end supply chain service, helping clients gain a high degree of control over spending and achieve deep sourcing savings.

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