Health administration business process services

Accenture’s more than 8,000 healthcare outsourcing professionals can help your organization boost productivity by up to 15 percent and lower costs by more than $175 million.


The new reality for health care organizations is balancing a volatile global economy with growing consumer expectations.

Accenture understands that these challenges require an innovative response from service providers. While continuing to drive inefficiencies out of the process, we offer operational health services that use sophisticated analytics, deep knowledge of industry processes and innovative technology to deliver sustained business value.

Accenture Health Administration Business Process Services (BPS) helps clients face evolving economic realities by enabling them to adopt intelligent, long-term approaches that support the entire organization into the future—while continuing to respond to near-term cost pressures.

Leading health care organizations have long used business process outsourcing (BPO) as a way to improve processes, speed transactions and reduce costs. Now they are looking to their providers for even more in their pursuit of high performance.

Specific Services

Accenture Health Administration BPS includes:

  • Customer account set-up

  • Front-end services

  • Billing and account receivables

  • Enrollment services

  • Provider network services

  • Claims services

  • Membership services

  • Medicare services

  • Pharmacy benefits management

We offer end-to-end commercial and Medicare administration services, combining client-developed, Accenture-developed and off-the-shelf technology platforms with proven methodologies for driving process improvement.


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In this rapidly changing healthcare environment, healthcare companies are looking to build the capabilities they need to be more customer-focused, nimble and cost competitive.

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