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The new finance agenda

CFOs are looking beyond the finance function toward broader business strategy and transformation with Finance and Accounting Business Process Services.


Insight & leadership

Today’s dizzying business environment is driving an increasingly complex and demanding CFO agenda. Forwarding-looking organizations are turning to finance to help nudge the business toward building more strategic partnerships. Top CFOs are responding to the call by providing insight and leadership for key initiatives resulting in significant, tangible and proven shareholder value.

Accenture’s innovative, proprietary technology and predictive analytics, coupled with our finance and industry experience, can help you gain better control of—and visibility into—your finance operations. The results: greater shareholder value, increased revenue, optimized costs and working capital, and greater compliance and control.


57% of CFOs believe that investing “in new, digital technologies will be a key source of competitive advantage” according to CFO Magazine.

Innovation & technology

That’s why Accenture is the trusted advisor to so many finance organizations across the globe. Focused on using innovation and technology to maximize shareholder value, we partner with your finance organization to strengthen the business at large.

Tools such as robotic process automation and predictive analytics help us deliver real business results such as these:

  • Reducing days sales outstanding by 10 to 30 percent

  • Optimizing working capital

  • Improving customer satisfaction

  • Reducing operating costs by up to 45 percent

  • Improving revenue

  • Enhancing customer and supplier relationships

  • Supporting complex regulatory requirements

  • Increasing financial control

1CFO: Eight Top Issues for CFOs in 2014:

Specific services

Accenture’s wide breadth of services and deep pool of talent concentrate on not only boosting the performance of the finance department, but heightening an entire company’s market strength.

We offer services within four critical financial disciplines:

Working capital and process effectiveness analytics, travel and expense analytics, and pricing and contract compliance

Customer interaction and prioritization, dispute analytics, provisioning analytics and accounts receivable analytics

Cash forecasting, intercompany compliance and period close analytics

Decision support, forecasting and budget, administration and governance, and business metrics and tracking


Did you know?

Accenture can deliver business results for your finance organization like these:

$10M saved in one year by securing early payment discounts

$10M saved in one year by securing early payment discounts

Prevented more than $3.6M+ in duplicate or erroneous payments

Prevented more than $3.6M+ in duplicate or erroneous payments

Reduced operational costs by 35% to 45%

Reduced operational costs by 35% to 45%

10% to 30% reduction in days sales outstanding

10% to 30% reduction in days sales outstanding

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