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Responding to the continous customer needs requires the ability to anticipate, react and adapt to new situations. These skills have become best practices in the development cycle of our software with the aim of giving our customers the tools to improve their ability to quickly implement their market strategies.

The bit2win team is made up of industry experts with decades of experience in providing customer relationship management systems for global companies. We have incorporated these skills into the best practices in our software, our functional experts work with our software development teams and the user experience team to provide modern cloud software with specific features for customer-centric businesses. We speak the language of the customer, we understand and anticipate the needs of customer involvement.


Bit2win Cloud suite is the native solution on Salesforce platform which brings together Business and Technology needs in an agile and intuitive way.

bit2win Cloud Suite is the omni-channel suite designed to innovate and transform the sales processes into a fully digital experience; this means that our customers are able to bring their customers a truly seamless experience across all customer touch points: the web, in the fields, at phones, in stores on mobile.

Natively constructed on Salesforce Customer Success Platform, bit2win leverages its omni-channel capabilities to increase business agility and to improve quality time.

Bit2win Sales is the leading Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) where the differentiation factors are:

  • Salesforce Native

  • Shared catalog across all channels

  • Flexible product lifecycle management

  • Support extensive pricing model strategy

  • Advanced rules-based engine

Bit2win Flow can orchestrate a wide range of business processes directly from the browser using standard salesforce UX/UI enabling fast, dynamic and highly scalable interactions.

Bit2win Symphony, powerful cloud-based Business Process Management that allows to define arbitrary processes using a graphical view based on BPMN notation.

Bit2win Publish automates the generation of relevant documents directly from your CRM system, whether it’s proposals, contracts or order and change confirmations.

Bit2win eSignature captures the customer’s electronic signature through a unique email link approach. This eliminates the need to print, sign and store paper documents, speeding up the process whilst reducing risk and cost.

Bit2win eCatalog enables service providers to map multiple enterprise catalogs such as billing and fulfilment to a single commercial catalog, reducing integration overhead, enabling faster introduction of new products and services. When submitting orders, bit2win eCatalog automatically translates the information for downstream systems

Bit2win BULK
bit2win offer out of the box a bulk capability, where it possible, to create massive order entry, massive change orders, disconnection but also is it possible to replicate a specific product configuration with his Installation information, Service Point or Line Number.

Bit2win Store enables service providers to optimise retail operations by digitising all store processes promise managing orders in every step of the way, streamline to automate your processing.

Bit2win eCommerce the power of the catalog and CPQ to websites, so service providers can deliver a personalised experience for each customer by presenting relevant products, promotions and content based on their profile and current context.

Bit2win micro-services library is the latest phase in the evolution bit2win service-oriented architectures.


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