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Billing and revenue management solution for the communications industry

Learn how improved billing and revenue assurance can help you compete in the digital ecosystem.


Billing and revenue management operations that provides revenue assurance can be a strategic enabler for communications service providers (CSPs) competing in the digital ecosystem. Billing can also be a “make or break” experience for consumers and enterprises, who will switch providers if unsatisfied.

As they seek to develop new business models, products, and services to respond to changes in technologies, customer demands and behavior, and competition, CSPs typically find their current billing and revenue management capabilities are not up to the challenge. Accenture research reported that numerous and significant shortcomings in companies’ billing operations are preventing them from more effectively accomplishing their business goals and satisfying customers’ needs.

With the explosion of new data and content services, CSPs face a clear risk of “confusing and losing” customers if they have inaccurate bills, or billing and revenue management capabilities that don’t support customers’ desired ways of interacting with providers of digital products and services.

Why Accenture

In the past decade, Accenture has put its extensive knowledge and experience to work helping CSPs around the world to transform their billing and revenue management. With more than 2,000 BSS professionals focused on CSP billing, Accenture provides the full range of consulting, technology and business process outsourcing services that can enable CSPs to develop and deploy the billing and revenue management capabilities necessary to support a more customer-centric business that delivers the digital products and services customers demand.

In fact, the BSS solutions Accenture has implemented at more than 230 CSPs worldwide collectively manage and bill more than 250 million subscribers. In the past five years alone, Accenture has collaborated on business transformation projects with 95 of the world’s top 100 communications companies.

Specific Services

Our consulting, technology and outsourcing services let clients establish new or improved billing and revenue management capabilities for consumer and enterprise customers to maximize revenue assurance and rationalize pre- and post-paid billing architectures. Specific services and solutions include:

  • Billing maturity and roadmap assessments.

  • Billing/business support systems transformation and consolidation.

  • Billing analytics solution deployment.

  • Smart monetization for digital services/content and data in real time, such as dynamic and rule-based pricing; real-time promotions; cost and spending controls; and mobile broadband data monetization through policy control.

  • Launch of new billing capabilities to support the launch of new business businesses, services and pricing models, such as value-based pricing, hybrid offerings, policy driven and dynamic pricing.

  • Outsourcing of billing application development and maintenance, testing and operations.

  • Revenue assurance transformation.

Our billing and revenue management capabilities help deliver critical outcomes, including:

  • A comprehensive billing assessment leading to creation of the billing architecture of the future and road map.

  • Transformation and consolidation of billing processes and systems for a successful customer experience.

  • Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX through billing outsourcing.

  • Delivery of high performance in billing through billing and revenue assurance business process outsourcing.

  • Revenue assurance solutions that help companies recover revenue at risk, prevent revenue leakage and other losses, reduce fraud and improve customer satisfaction.

  • The use of customer analytics to facilitate setting specific parameters to control spending and usage of services based on user behavior for both consumer and enterprise customers.

Based on our experience serving a range of companies across the communications, media and technology industries, our billing and revenue management offerings can deliver key benefits such as:

  • Smart monetization of digital services in the new ecosystem, including media, content, communication providers and OTT players.

  • Faster time to market for new services through more agile processes and configurable systems.

  • Launch of convergent offerings bundling fixed, mobile, broadband services and supporting quad-play offerings.

  • Real-time billing capabilities enabling the launch of hybrid offerings, spending control, and real-time promotions supported by real-time decisioning and analytics capabilities.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and service adoption through “trial-and-buy” and “value-based” pricing models.

  • Operation cost reduction through billing managed services and outsourcing arrangements.

  • Reduction and/or elimination of revenue leakage.

  • Billing of convergent, cloud/ICT services to SME and enterprise customers.


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