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Residential mortgage investor services

Helping investors, lenders and servicers transform their businesses to reach operational excellence.


For real estate investment firms to achieve high performance, they first need to understand the dynamics of the changing mortgage and real estate finance industry, including new regulations and business models.

Accenture helps investors (including private investors and government sponsored enterprises), lenders and servicers transform their businesses to differentiate and reach operational excellence, and supports investors throughout the lifecycle of their portfolios.


Why Accenture

Accenture has extensive onshore and offshore capability with deep domain expertise in credit analytics and compliance analytics that allow us to look at a pool of loans and be able cost effectively analyze those loans. We offer our clients the opportunity to track tens of thousands of individual loans and understand the inherent risks. By identifying risks and deploying mitigation strategies, Accenture has been able to save our clients millions of dollars.

Accenture's processing capabilities cover:

  • Re-Purchase, Rebuttal Due Diligence

  • Portfolio Credit Risk Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Portfolio QC/Re-Underwriting

  • Buy/Sell Portfolio Re-Underwriting

  • Document Chase Remediation/ Title Cure

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