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Financial crime
analytics utility

Innovative risk and compliance
management—applied now.


Data-driven collaboration for highly efficient compliance

Banks continue to face rising costs and complexities in meeting financial crimes compliance, most notably Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Instead of investing more heavily in isolated software-based crimes compliance systems that are increasingly difficult to maintain, progressive banks can take a more convenient route: They can broaden advanced analytics beyond their own walls and apply data-driven insight across all BSA/AML and fraud-monitoring activities to better compete in a digital world.

The Accenture Financial Crime Analytics Utility can help. It is a secure, standardized, data analytics-as-a-service platform, developed in partnership with the Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America (MBCA) industry consortium of financial institutions. Built on the innovative Accenture Insights Platform (a Big Data solution hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with a stack of preconfigured best-in-class data, analytics and machine learning tools), the Utility draws on a wealth of data and analytic tools to help banks collaborate toward protecting customers and shareholders while improving efficiency ratios and the enterprise control environment.



Participating banks can readily take advantage of the Accenture Financial Crime Analytics Utility´s emphasis on paradigm change.

Common data dictionary and reusable components enable a single build and spread costs among participant banks.

Best-in-class suite of tools meet regulatory requirements for data transparency.

Open-source platform allows collaboration and reduced cost-to-serve.

Shared, multi-tenant infrastructure drives down technology run costs by providing each bank with a leading data lake.

Supplemental services available across the AML lifecycle reduce cost-to-serve and align resources to value-added efforts.

Supercharged analytics available in minutes—versus weeks or months.


Banks aimed at winning can draw on the Accenture Financial Crime Analytics Utility and its expanding community now. The platform creates an open-source innovation forum across banks to collaborate on new applications of evolving technology (such as machine learning, robotics, natural language generation and single view of the customer) and share information to fight crime. Accenture works with each member bank to analyze their individual situation, onboard them to the Utility and customize technology to suit their financial crime compliance goals.


30% Reduction in annual labor costs

Reduction in annual labor costs

25% Reduction in false positives

Reduction in false positives

85% Reduction in model validation costs with increased control over platforms

Reduction in model validation costs with increased control over platforms


To learn more about or get started with the Accenture Financial Crime Analytics Utility, contact our financial crime analytics specialists:

Ben Lopez

Director – Financial Services, Banking and Operations

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Sabina Munnelly

Managing Director and Data Analytics Lead

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