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Accenture Pension Transformation

Using holistic solutions to help pension systems plan for a digital future


Understanding the challenges of today’s pension landscape—and drawing on experience with some of the world’s largest and most complex pension systems—Accenture brings new perspectives, leading technologies and strong, holistic solutions from across five key business areas to public pension organizations. Because we operate in a rapidly changing environment, Accenture continually evolves its services to be more relevant, differentiated and competitive. We provide sustainable solutions enabled by proven industry experience so our clients can deliver enduring, affordable, flexible and caring pensions to their customers—for today and tomorrow.

Managing pensions on the go

Making mobile pension solutions a reality


Why Accenture?

Pension systems and retirement organizations are tasked with providing a predictable source of retirement income for its members—for life. Digital is influencing the needs and wants of pensions members and retirees through new solutions such as tools that help them manage their retirement on the go. Retirement organizations must adapt to this changing environment quickly, or they may fail to deliver on mission goals. Accenture offers reliable, end-to-end services that help pension systems transform to meet the evolving needs of members, retirees and beneficiaries.

We are industry leaders
Our experience and our practical knowledge stems from working side-by-side with some of the largest and most complex pensions and social security systems in the world. Through our combination of industry insight, software, tools, people and outcomes-focused vision, we go beyond technology to deliver proven capabilities that help pension organizations achieve meaningful change.

We provide end-to-end solutions
We bring together our strategy, digital, consulting, technology and operations expertise to deliver an unparalleled suite of holistic, end-to-end services that are flexible to adjust as our clients’ challenges evolve. Our big-picture view of the industry allows us to address issues that span the full spectrum of pensions challenges. No problem is too big or too small.

Pension Transformation
Accenture Enterprise Solution for Pensions (AESP), powered by Oracle, incorporates over 30 years of experience to transform and modernize pension operations by using a sales cloud solution for benefit administration.

Digital Retirement
We offer the capabilities to create and deliver the ultimate customer experience by disrupting the status quo through mobile platforms, social media strategies and analytics.

Benefit Operations
AESP services mitigate ongoing workloads and IT challenges by operating pension benefits for our clients.

Health Administration
More than 30 percent of Accenture pension clients offer health benefits to their members. We deliver digital benefit selection, enrollment and administrative solutions that are commercially competitive.

With the acquisition of Beacon Consulting, Accenture can help clients with back office investment activity by delivering robust treasury management solutions to enhance cash management operations and oversight

Our technology solutions combine business and industry insights with innovative technology solutions. We offer a full portfolio of security and cloud services tailored to meet the specific needs of the client

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Delivering Success

We provide sustainable solutions
Pension organizations must address today’s challenges while preparing for the future. That is why Accenture delivers reliable, predictable and sustainable solutions that deliver long-term value. We use leading commercial off-the-shelf software that is flexible. Each solution is customized to enable the features that are needed are implemented, and updates and upgrades can be made continually to meet our clients’ changing needs. Through this approach, pension clients enjoy the benefits of ease of use and a lower total cost of ownership.

We are committed to outcomes
Accenture is a teammate to pension organizations. We stand by our name and our work, and we have a track record of on-time, on-budget delivery of transformational projects. Throughout every engagement, we remain accountable and transparent as we work together with our clients to achieve lasting results.



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