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Accenture Digital Government Services: Summary

Improve government efficiency through digitalized constituent-centric services.


There is increasing digitalization in citizens’ lives and in the business world, with the growing expectation of more online transactions. Changes in the political, societal and economic realms are driving government leaders to rethink how they design and deliver public services for the future. Adopting the digital approach will help them to create personalized public services which put citizens first.

Accenture Digital Government Services enables constituents and partners to directly interact with core government functions through multiple user-friendly channels. This reduces cost-to-serve and improves constituent satisfaction and engagement – while leveraging support for enhanced government services and improving economic and social vitality.

Why Accenture

Accenture found that organizations that have successfully adapted to the new digital environment are able to provide easy-to-use products and services that are personalized, proactive and partnership-based.

Based on our digital expertise and our Public Services industry knowledge, Accenture Digital Government Services have been created to allow governments to:

  • Improve service delivery by transforming fragmented service options into a results-focused customer interface;

  • Help the business community to access the necessary resources to improve economic competitiveness;

  • Forge new levels of citizen engagement in government activities by promoting transparency in government service;

  • Increase public services productivity while reducing cost-to-serve.

Specific Services

Accenture Digital Government Services are backed by a combination of experience and insight that makes us a unique and well-qualified resource for agencies across government.

Our Accenture Digital Government Services offer a comprehensive set of services and solutions to help governments and public service agencies to assess, define, implement or improve their digital strategy and services. It includes:

  • Digital Government Readiness Assessment

  • Digital Government Capability Model

  • Digital Government Business Case Tool

  • Digital Government Mobility

  • Digital Government Analytics

  • Digital Government Security

  • Connected Government Platform

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