Accenture and Qlik: Delivering data-driven insights to improve business performance

Accenture and Qlik are helping high performing organizations harness the power of anlaytics, data analysis and data visualization


With more data available than ever before, companies need a better way to synthesize meaning from it. By itself, data is meaningless. It only becomes valuable when it can be analyzed, understood and strategically acted upon. Data visualization is a more transparent, intuitive and contextual way to view data—beyond just the numbers. Through data visualization, companies can harness the real value of big data by accelerating comprehension, speeding insights and enabling organizations to make smarter and quicker decisions.

Accenture and Qlik help clients build data-visualization capabilities that enable easier interaction with, and understanding of, data which is increasingly important in the age of big data. Our alliance advances Accenture Applied Intelligence's Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution offerings around data discovery to help drive high performance business outcomes for clients.

Why Accenture

The Accenture and Qlik alliance is committed to developing innovative data discovery solutions designed to harness the potential of data for transformative business impact.

Clients benefit from accelerated innovation, access and application of data discovery solutions enabled through close, efficient collaboration between a leading global consulting and technology services provider and an industry-leading technology provider. Leveraging 16-plus years of extensive experience gained through its established track record of successful business intelligence projects, Accenture offers diagnostic and implementation services around Qlik technology-based solutions that address clients’ specific business data needs and challenges.

Accenture offers a comprehensive set of business intelligence and performance management services designed to help clients measure, analyze and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise. Deep knowledge of Qlik’s technology offerings roadmap helps Accenture to stay at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions for clients.

Additionally, our alliance strengthens organization’s commitment to help organizations leverage enterprise data to drive powerful analytical insights, more informed and strategic decisions, timely actions and improved business outcomes across the globe.

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