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Accenture Feder​al Services for Small Businesses: Services Overv​​iew


Cultivating and maintaining empowered relations across the spectrum of small business partners contributes to Accenture Federal Services High Performance delivery. AFS works with every category of small business partners, including the following to help clients achieve mission delivery:

  • Small disadvantaged businesses
  • Veteran-owned small businesses
  • Service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses
  • Women-owned small businesses
  • HUBzone companies
  • Historically black colleges and universities
  • Minority institutions

The AFS network of Small Business Partners is designed to create opportunities for qualified enterprises to:

  • Grow and nurture their businesses
  • Serve as strategic AFS partners

    The AFS Small Business Liaison Office is established to achieve and advance small business program goals through:

    • Commitment to growth and continued success of small business programs through strategic relationships with diverse businesses
    • Leveraging complimentary experience and capabilities to provide long-term value to our clients
    • Seeking diverse teaming enterprises to drive growth and superior contract delivery
    • Creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships enabling joint sales and delivery activities
    • Increasing the viability, strength and success of both AFS and its small business partners

    Accenture’s Online Registration Process allows suppliers to tell AFS of their interest in working with Accenture. It also helps identify qualified suppliers and teammates for potential federal and commercial contracting opportunities and engagements throughout the organization.

    We encourage any small business enterprise interested in partnering with AFS to register or update your company profile on Accenture’s Supplier Portal. (Note: the portal is best viewed through Internet Explorer.)

    Supplier Portal

    Why Accenture

    AFS is proud to promote and encourage competitive subcontracting opportunities by embracing partnering relationships with the diverse socioeconomic small business community through outreach, qualification, training, education and utilization. AFS has recently received the following awards and accomplishments:

    • Department of State FY12 Prime Contractor Small Business Subcontracting Award
    • Women Presidents’ Educational Organization – Corporate Leadership Award Done Deals Challenge 2009 & 2013
    • 2014 Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) – Three Accenture recipients:
      • Martin W. Rodgers, AFS Managing Director, Community Service
      • Rae-Anne Alves, Accenture Infrastructure Manager, Modern Day Technology Leader
      • Cheryl Moo-Young, Accenture Infrastructure Manager, Modern Day Technology Leader
    • 2014 Women in Technology Leadership Award recipient, Elaine Turville, AFS Managing Director

    Specific Services

    Accenture Federal Services identifies small business partners able to most effectively provide the types of services and/or products which augment Accenture’s capabilities. Potential small business partners are routinely evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • Capabilities
    • Past performance
    • Price competitiveness

    While it is AFS practice to identify potential team members that are competent and reliable, we also seek those who have managed to price their products/solutions within a competitive range. AFS also seeks to team with small businesses that are committed to being a valued member of our team and that share the client’s values.

    For AFS, developing and maintaining relationships with small and diverse businesses is not only imperative, it is simply good business. The AFS Small Business Liaison Office is committed to small business development.

    Interested in doing business with Accenture? Register or update your company profile on Accenture’s Supplier Portal. (Note: the portal is best viewed through Internet Explorer.)

    Supplier Portal

    If your company is identified as having the capabilities for our government contracts, AFS will contact you for further information.

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